09 July 2009

During consultation with your wedding cake maker, there are several things you need to extra watch, one of them is the portion size of the cake. There is one thing that always been tradition for western people in their wedding, it was keep the top level of wedding cake.

Tradition to keep the top level has been start long time ago in England, when the high rise wedding cake was made from fruitcake immerged in wine or brandy. The cake and fruit was well preserve in liquor and then they serve it to the guess in their first child’s baptism ceremony. The cake was a birth control and a life style in that time.

Now, modern wedding cake is very rare made from fruitcake, and many couples extended their "honeymoon" more than one year from their wedding day. That’s why, if you want to keep the top level of the wedding and still want to hold the old tradition, that cake should be wrap very well, and freeze until the next three months. That cake can be melt (slowly in the refrigerator), and than distribute when you celebrate your one month wedding anniversary, your family birthday, or other event.

But, store wedding cake which not serve on your wedding day can add your expense. Talk about cost, it’s not truly necessary to have the same portion with the guess. Some guess don’t like to eat wedding cake they prefer to eat other dessert. Don’t worry if your guess list increase, or you worry about the amount of cake, some buffer stock can be reserve two weeks before the wedding day.


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