06 July 2009

You’ve been spend your time for months (even years!) to plan, and now all is over. Wedding dress worn, promised said, and all guess have been go back home. What does bride do? Don’t worry. Postwedding is a normal part of wedding. Feeling down? Follow this clues to help you back fire up and enjoy the best part after wedding.

Be Realistic
What can you do now after all the plan and stress pass away? Think about expectation and dream before you married. It’s very difficult to make him romantic, but when the wedding party over and you back to your normal life, you’ll miss all the bustle and activities planning your big day. Talk about your expectation with him. How you want to build life together? How you want to spend time after married? This could eliminate non realistic expectations.

Calm Down Your Self Into Your Normal Schedule
From catering menu until make design for invitation card and sent it your self, you’ve been present your time to prepare and planning your wedding. After you come home from honeymoon, think about how you’ll spend your spare time together with husband. Imagine all the things you do before married – dinner with friends, watch movie, and other social activities. Those activities could help you to braid relation again you’re your friends, family and your husband. And don’t forget: At last, you have time to relax! So, enjoy it.

Get Your Wedding Photos
The sensation about wedding is not only exists in the past, you still have wedding photos to see. You can post your photos online. This gives you and husband chance to remind your happy day. Buy scrapbook, shadow box or frames and some funny papers, and spend your time to arrange your memories back.

Enjoy Your Time For Your Self
When you married, you’ll be easy to be conscious with your husband and your status. But give time for yourself is the easiest way to do your transition. Whether you relaxing by cycling around the house, go to spa to have relaxation massage, or go to mall for just shopping, this moments not only rejuvenate your, but also help you to strengthened you “me” rather than "we".

Talk With Your Friends
You may feel foolish or not thankful to God because you have negative feeling after married, but that’s normal. Hide away your mind and emotion only can exacerbate your self. Think about having fun with your girlfriends. Take out all to your friends (especially to them who had married and ever been on your position). And don’t forget to discuss it with your husband. Very easy to make him quite when you feel frustrated, but sharing will be very helpful and he might feel the same thing that you feel.


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