17 July 2009

Held a wedding reception sure can make your wallet dying if you not smart to prepare it. Many people want their party to be really impressed, luxurious, and huge because there is suspicion that wedding is only once in a life time. Often they do anything to fulfill their financial needs even loan to somebody.

Well, because this financial matter is very important then try to save your financial resource to be not expended only for wedding reception. There are so many other expenditure after that, so you should make a priority list, such as purchase or rent a house and car, and cost for living after married. So, wedding reception shouldn’t necessary be held in glamour party. The point is how to anticipate factors which very influent to the cost to make wedding reception.

About 70% from the total cost of wedding package is spent only for the reception. So, you should pay attention more for the wedding organizer cost because usually there are some external expenditure which not expected.

For cheap and good reputation building for wedding reception, you should order it first 6 months before or even a year before the wedding date. So, if you decide to held the party on a building, don’t belittle for the technical election from the wedding package.

Cheap wedding building doesn’t have to be at strategic place; doesn’t always be on the side of the main road, the key is the place should be easy to find, had good access to get in, and had a wide parking area.

Luxurious building is not necessary, the more important thing is enough to accommodate all guess and relative cheap. Decoration from the wedding organizer will make the atmosphere more fun and interesting.

Want the cheaper one? Find a building which not usually use for wedding reception, not a commercial building, such as sport hall, art hall, convention hall, big mosque, rented government building, and other kind of building. Usually they’ll give cheaper prize. What you should watch is the building had good and enough facilities.

The served dish should be multiple diverse. You don’t have to order many foods, add the menu, better id you make small tend separately to serve the different dishes. This method can reduce the bread line, and also make the guess freely to try food agree with their own desire.


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