04 July 2009

Everything can be “environmental care”, include your wedding. May be you need extra awareness and energy, but there are so many ways to get your dream wedding, while keep holding on your safe environment belief. To help you start, here are some different ideas to plan your wedding which safe four our environment.

As Gift Supplementary
Found out gift is something please from wedding. If you don’t really need things to start your new life with sweetheart, why don’t you ask your guess to donate it for good purpose? Make an online gift registration which provide link to charity organization you like. You’re not only safe couple trees by not throwing the wrap, but you also help financially to some organizations that really need it.

Organic Menu
Any catering service can be loyal to environment. All you have to do is only change the standard ingredients with organic ingredients. Discuss the menu with the catering service. Suggest the management to use local ingredients. Choosing or organic menu is not only protect our environment but also protect your guess from chemical substance, pesticide, which means those menu were very healthy for everybody in that party.

Wedding Cake
Wedding cake can made organically without remove the taste. Using organic sugar, organic flour, organic butter and organic egg may be a little bit expensive, but of course will add plus point to the taste. Find special cake maker who make organic cake, or ask for vegan cake, which contain no animal ingredients and processed sugar. The taste will be still incredible.

Better than purchase new decoration, why don’t you try thing that you already had and make something or decorate it with new style for wedding. If you not minded use again your stuff, you can but purchase things that have multiple function. Also consider to use bamboo for the decoration because bamboo is one of materials in earth which can be use over and over again. When the party is over you can donate it to other person who need it.

Responsible Venue
Pick location for the party where you can take positive benefits from your show. Museum, botanical garden, or art gallery often need extra budget to support their program or to maintain their facility. So, why don’t you try to help them by held your party in place like that? Remember they have great view too.

Save trees and use recycle paper for your invitation cards. Paper made from alternative fiber such as hemp or bamboo is one of best choice. Also minimize the use of paper by unite all information on one page, better than fill the envelope with several sheets. If this not enough friendly to the nature, then use no paper at all and sent the invitation online.

Good Purpose Honeymoon
Better you consider make a volunteer vacation than to luxurious resort. There are so many organizations offer journey to people who want to donate their service to build a house, work in organic field, rebuild natural track or participate in animal conservation.

There are so many ways to plan an environment friendly wedding. You can hire a wedding planner which specialized in wedding green, they can make the concept and all you need to have green wedding. If it’s not your choice, you can find vendor who care about our environment and make your own beautiful green wedding.


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