02 July 2009

Shoes perhaps become one of important item often consider to have gorgeous performance. The most notice for bride is finding the right dress to wear. Mostly, women make shoes be the last thing to care from your outfit. But, of course just like other small thing, shoes become so important to complete your gorgeous performance. If you want to feel comfortable, it’s very important to find comfortable and stylish shoes.

Think about the heel height you want and the pleasure of the shoes if purchase it. Well, yes it is hard to find the really match shoes for us and suitable for the wedding dress. If you don’t have much time, try to wear open elegant shoes. This model has many details, and usually had jewelry on it which brings extra luxurious touch for your final outfit.

Immerge shoes on coloring agent such as dies also become another great idea. You don’t have to be busy to find the suitable color that match with the wedding dress.

If you wear high heel shoes, make sure you’ve already habitually with this shoes. This is very important parameter for them who don’t familiar wearing high heels. Wear the shoes, then walking out or walking around couple days or a week before wedding day for couple hours. This will prevent you from falling down and seems awkward on the big day.

Don’t care how good your shoes are, if you not used to wear it to walk, you and your feet will end miserable. Also, don’t buy expensive shoes which perfect to see, if at the end you cannot walk on it when you’re in honeymoon. Don’t force to buy shoes which you not comfortable to wear when you try to buy at the shop. If you can’t find the suitable shoes on the shops, try find it online.

Great idea to make your feet relax after wearing shoes all day on your wedding day is wearing cute sandals. You can decorate your own sandals as you wish. Why you should suffer during reception if no one know?


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