03 July 2009

Every relationship has to be keep harmony, romantic and beautiful. Here are some simple ways you can do with spouse to make your relationship more colorful and flare up.

1. Write on a paper as many as you can why you love her/him. She/he will be so touching.

2. Do this game : make 3 statements about yourself which one of it is not true. Ask your spouse to guess which statement is wrong. This way is more interesting to know each other.

3. Tell him/her that that no day passed by to know that you really love her/him. Sent message through email or SMS how you adore, love and need him/her. This makes her/his day start with big smile.

4. Always remember to say to people you love "sweet dreams" before you hang up phone in the night. She/he will remember when sleep and you’ll be the last thing to remember before sleep.

5. See her spontaneously and say, "you're beautiful".

6. Use love expression, voice and smile heartily. See her eyes deeply and said something from deep in your hearth.

7. Lean on his arm or chest and feel his hearth beat. That’s is the most incredible ways to feel your relationship tie.

8. The simple way to express love is by hold her/his hands or hug.

9. Always be next on her when she/he need it. Say that your love her/him in every chance you have, spent your time with her. If you do this, you make unforgettable memory for both of you.

10. Give her your own made gift, not because this is your special day but because you love her.


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