04 June 2009

Elegancy always be the main factor of wedding reception. Of course, decoration team play big role to make such elegancy. Each couple had their own creation and imagination about their wedding, from the most simple, shuffling, until the most luxury.

This important moment always want to be putting in mind by you, family and friends. But, have you realized that decoration is not only consists of flowers in each corner? Wedding decoration needs special skill to create a dream dais.

After theme and decorator has decided, there are still several things you should watch, especially for the detail and quality of the raw material used. You can also involve for the preparation for the wedding decoration because of course, wedding will be an eternal memory and once in a life time right?

Each part is important. Start from entrance, red carpet, until stage. Still, decoration team should adjusted with the bride and groom budget. If the budget make possible, then the decoration team can freely explore the prettiness in each detail. But, if the budget limited then the decoration should be concentrated on the stage and red carpet. Of course those decorations will be balanced.

Uniqueness should be showed up. The placement of flowers and all the series should also adjusted with the budget. But, there's something you should know that all the flowers series will create glamour and elegancy to the dais.

Decide the theme and the color of the dais decoration. Match the wedding decoration with the location, the wedding dress, the bridemaids and the whole theme.

The election of material for decoration. The crucial element of decoration is the shape, building, flower and fabric. You can use cifon to make it more glamour. Always watch the durable and freshness of the flowers. These two factors are very determine the lustrous of the stage and dais.

Main Decoration and supporting decoration. Stage is the main decoration, special, because this was the place for family and place to take a picture. As supporting decoration, better you use unique of series crystal. Watch the concept of your wedding, is it sitting or standing party.
If you want the color of the decoration elegance and simple, you can choose white, pink or green. But, of course, when you want to d├ęcor the dais, always adjust it with budget.


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