04 June 2009

Beautiful and gorgeous woman not always be man wanted. Sometimes, the perfect physical become woman mainstay to interact the opposite sex, but actually there are 4 women's characters that man interested. What are they? Check this article.

1. "A Good Woman"
Man knows that woman is nice when he see her. Those women are all women who don't like to go party or to the club and she is not overdressed. They also appreciate and can make man feel perfect. As additional, that woman can be trusted, honest, and a loyal friend.

2. Nice body
This is the fact, most man said physical appearance of woman is very important. But, it doesn't mean women should be as perfect as Angelina Jolie to get a man. You just have to take care, treat your self well and not dressed randomness. Go find the way to keep your weight balance and all the fat removed. If you don't like to exercise, there are still many ways to keep your body healthy and fresh, such as dancing.

3. Free and independent woman
Man doesn't like woman who always adhere and stick, despondent, depends on other person, always give order, and easy to jealous. You must be think right now,
am I one of them", are you sure? Ask yourself.

4. Appreciate the glory and pleasure of life
Women who happy, enjoy life, and respect to differences are women who very potentially men like.

Don't make your life only for find spouse coz it's just like watching boiled water in a teapot, make you frustrated and endless if you only focus only to that thing. And if you have found that person, don't make her the center of your entire world. A spouse should be a complement to your life, not the controller of your life.


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