08 June 2009

If you had decided your hair style, you should find the right accessories to prettier your hair. Do you want to wear tiara with gemstone on it or simple flower on your hair? All depends on the type, style of your hair, veil, dress, and of course your private desire. You must choose something that can complete your performance when you walk to the dais.

The Wedding Tiara

What will show first if you think hair accessories? It must be tiara. Many type of tiara you can have, and you can match it with your dress and hair style. Small and simple tiara, is very suitable if you wear veil. If you’re not wear veil, you can choose a full detail and high tiara princess, you’ll look gorgeous.

Wedding tiara will be nice to see, if the hair style was lift up to the top. Most tiara had harrow on one side and on the tip so it will be nor easy to shift when you wear it. If your hair was style to the top, tiara will be look good and the harrow will be hidden.

Wearing tiara on wedding day is an old tradition. This white band wore by a king, on his head or circling on his shoulder, to show prosperity and fervency to every body. Through centuries, tiara became a symbol of feminism. Wedding tiara has been evolved into half moon. In this shape, jewelry and flowers were put on to.

Bride or groom can wear tiara on their head or forehead. Wedding tiara traditionally used to make pretty the bride. It is very popular used for "dreams" and "princess" theme.

If you think that wedding tiara is too ordinary, then there’s still another options you can use. Some brides prefer to wear a hat. This hat can add several characters too your dress, and it can be prettier with whatever you like. You can also use classy headband and some stylish which suitable with your dress or you can use a nice accessories, such as flowers on your hair.


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