30 June 2009

Invitation card is one of the most important plan on your wedding. Here are some things that may be your questions about preparing invitation card

1. When I should make the invitation card?
Better you make the invitation label after all guests list complete, at least 8-9 months before.

2. How many card I should make?
Better you make the wedding invitation more than less, coz there is still possibility having little breakage or misprint on the design. For safety, prepare 25-50 cards back up.

3. How about the contents and design of the wedding invitation?
Of course you should put the bride and the groom full names, your parents full name, address, date, day, and time of the wedding reception. As additional, you can also set a map on the back card, to ease your guest to reach you, especially guest from out town.

4. How to minimize the cost for wedding invitation?
Try to use simple design and you don’t’ have to put your photo on the card, because it make the prize raises up. You can deliver the invitation cards by yourself or entrust with friends and family rather than use courier, cost you more darling.

5. What is Thermography?
It was the most popular print method for designing wedding invitation. The prize is not too expensive and the result is smooth and shine and no rough feeling on the back.

6. What I should pay attention if I want to make the invitation design?
Watch carefully the words and spell and try to ask the print shop to finish the envelope/cover first, so can stick the name and address guests to save time.


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