22 June 2009

You have decided the place for reception, find the perfect gown, arrange the invitation list, and make dress for the family and bridesmaid. Then what next? What flower you will use?

What flower you will purchase? As we know, real flower is very expensive. First, you should consider the type of your wedding, is it traditional? If yes, then, there are many flowers you can choose.

What will you decorate with flower? The dais, stall, button hole, Corsage or even the wedding cake?

You should also consider the time, because real flowers blossom on certain time only in a year. Color also be your consideration to make it match with the dress.

There are so many flowers you can choose, start from Tulip which has many shape and colors, Daffodil, always looks sheer and shining, Rose, full of joyful and had a great smell.

Other option is silk flower which look like real flower so no one knows the different with the real flower. This flower has many size, shape, and colors even doesn’t have aroma.

The prize also doesn’t diverge significantly with the real one. You can buy at some flower shops to cut the budget. The advantage using this flower is you can choose and order the flowers days before the wedding day without cares that the flower will wilted.

With this flower, you can choose any kind of flower you like because this flower doesn’t’ distinguish any season like real flower. You can use it to decorate table and wedding cake because this flower not bit into, and doesn’t leave any dust or pollen. You can also keep it after wedding as reminiscence of your wedding day.

You can use dry flower which spread on the table or on the dais. So, whatever your choice, there are many options you pick.


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