02 June 2009

Wedding ring is one of the most important things you should prepare for the wedding. Ring will be the symbol of eternal love between you, choose your own design which have big meaning for both of you. You’re going to wear wedding ring for a long time, so make sure that you really like it. Here some points you should consider before purchase wedding ring.

Many gemstones use to decorate wedding ring. But, diamonds is still become the best choice for engagement and wedding ring. There are four things you should watch when you purchase some diamonds: cut, clarity, color, and carat.

1. Cut is the most important characteristic. Gracious and sparkling shine of diamonds is on the cut. The hard character make diamonds able to be cut with sharp tip on the below of the diamonds. Glass will never be cut like that.

2. Clarity is distinctness and transparency of diamonds. Diamonds with no defect is more expensive.

3. Color is color of diamond. The most wanted color for diamonds is clear or transparent. The Grade value used to show the highest clearance level is D, while Z is the worst or the dirtiest.

4. Carats is indication for weight and size of diamonds

If you want to use ring as memorabilia, you just have to consider the quality and the shape. You don’t need to check diamonds to be evaluates at the laboratory. But, need to be watch, if you buy the wrong diamond, the low quality of C4, it will be hard to resell again.

Body of the ring
Medley choice for the body of the ring, there are yellow gold, white gold, silver, or platinum. Platinum is the most expensive, but the most durable. Many couples prefer white gold, because it’s not too different with the ordinary ring and the prize is not too expensive like platinum. But, after a long moment usage, white gold lean to change become yellow. The three materials above had alteration for the luster since the first time you buy, because many reasons, such as scratched, oxidation, and others. It’s important to clean and gild the ring regularly. If you want to keep your ring long lasting and more durable, platinum is the best choice.

Generally, ready design on the store is cheaper than make new design. But, the consequence is the model of ready stock ring is a market quality which means the ring is not of good enough quality to be sold in a specialty store. Mean while, if you want to make new design, you’ll get extra charge, and it will take more time to get it, sometimes the ring need to be revision. And when you read magazine or search internet then you find ring design that you like, you can get it cheaper if you order to jeweler rather than purchase at famous jewelry store. You even can use gemstone which you already have rather than buy new diamonds.

Before you pay your offered ring, make sure first that the ring has the same the design like you offered. If you want to buy ready stock ring and you want to give her surprise, make sure the ring size is fit, and she likes the cut and the shape. If she doesn’t like it, you may consider to changes the ring. So, before you pay it, ask to the jeweler, is it possible to change? Do you need some papers or original certificate?

Most young couples still have not enough budgets to purchase extra expensive wedding ring full with diamonds on it. But, if someday you want to add some diamonds on your wedding ring, make sure that the ring band has remain place to put the diamonds.


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