19 June 2009

Usually you determine wedding building after you decide the certain date. But, now, there are many couples find the building first than decide the wedding date. To help you decide the building for reception, check this few tips :

1. Choose building party which easy to reach by your family and most of the guess. You can search in internet, there are many blogs and websites (online wedding) which put down buildings and the contact person. Call it directly, don’t by e-mail because the respond will be too long. Call it and ask the cost of the building and the day off, write it all on your note book.

2. Decide the budget for the building, suit it with the location /venue wedding and what day the building is off.

3. After search the building for reception in internet or other people, you should come to the building, to get clear image to prepare the event.

4. Watch it if the building management make compulsory to you to use the management vendor, like catering, photography (photo prewedding/photo wedding invitation), entertainment (wedding video), etc. Usually building management don higher charge if you take vendor not from the management. It’s ok if you take the management vendor as long as make you satisfied. If your family has vendor-vendor regular family vendor, and actually is not on the vendor list, you should prepare more budget to pay the charge for the building.

5. After you make a deal with the building management that you will marry there, you can pay the cash advanced to register your name. A month – 2 weeks before the event/wedding ceremony you should confirm again to the management building, just make sure your name still on the list. Usually, in this step you should pay in full.

6. Two weeks before wedding ceremony, if it’s possible, you should held technical meeting in the reception building. It us very useful to know more detail about the event composition, placement for decoration, catering table, etc. People who join the technical meeting are photography representative, catering representative, wedding organizer and entertainment representative entertainment, decoration representative (party decor/reception), and representative from the building management.


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