08 June 2009

Need intense effort from both sides to have eternal marriage. There are some tricks you can follow to make it. Find out those tricks through this article.
  1. Keep each feeling. To make your marriage stable, don’t you ever try to flirting your spouse. Indirectly, it was a sign that your marriage is failed.
  2. Full of attention. Be a good listener. If you’re busy about your work, ask her/his understanding. Make her/his tow the story after you finish your work. This was much better than you ignore her/him.
  3. Share Happiness. Always pass difficult time or happy moment together.
  4. Make your spouse happy. Always give sweet smile to your sweetheart so he/she happy and enjoy lead a day.
  5. Keep courteousness. Never forget the words "please", "thank you" and "sorry", or "do you mind". Thereby your spouse feels being appreciated.
  6. Never say "I’ve told you that time..". This sentence stress the error to your spouse and justified your own.
  7. Privacy appreciation. Don’t too involve with private area of your spouse and always keep secret that has been believed to you.
  8. Solve problems. Find the best way to solve a problem. Try not to emphasize each of your ego, so both of you will satisfied with the answer.
  9. Keep the love firing up. Always open mind and express your feeling is the secret to keep your relationship keep close.
  10. Don’t compare. Accept him/her whatever he/she is, because it was your spouse for the rest of your life.
  11. Express it with words. Don’t’ think your spouse can read your mind. Explain your wish or feeling with words.
  12. Criticize habit. Keep your words also keep your marriage. If you want to say a critic, don’t say it under high emotion.
  13. Watch the first problem that appears. The first two year of marriage is the most susceptible moment. Learn to work together and be adapted with your new household life.
  14. Minimize conflict about financial. Try to have your own bank account and joint account. You and spouse have to have conscious though to pay your private bill than usual.
  15. Arrange special time to solve a conflict. Spare some time to solve problem you’ve been face.
  16. Always forgive mistake. When you forgive her/him, make a note that you’re not justify the action, but try to forget the problem so it’s not polluted your relationship too long.
  17. Stop seeing the past. Try to accept your spouse and forget her/his past.
  18. Watch each of your attitude and action. Avoid controversion when you under high temperature and high emotion. Emotion makes someone say bad words, your relation will be depraved because of that.
  19. Always responsible. Ignore your duty in critical moment can make the situation get more turbid.
  20. Find another help. If the situation can’t be helped anymore and controversation inescapable, Go find someone help. You can find a help to professional consultant, family or experienced friend.
Applying the twenty steps is not as difficult as you think. Start it from now and make a harmony life with your sweetheart.


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