02 May 2009

After you get through the “wedding twister”, you may think that everything related to the wedding is over.

What are you feeling? Tired? That’s sure!, However, There is still lot of things you should do after the big wedding day pass.

1. Solve Your Post-Wedding Blues Problem
After the busiest moment, preparing wedding, it’s easy for women to feel sad because she’s not become bride anymore. The queen of the day is gone, all those eyes and attention is gone. You may feel the same feeling like this. But, that’s okay, most brides did.

To remove that sad feeling, you can make small party. Invite your close friends to watch the wedding video. Watch together the candid moment and the spontaneous expression that catch by the camera. You can loudly laugh with them. That attention you’re looking for will come back to you. Not as a queen of course but as funny princess. Use this party as moment to say thanks. You also can story about your wedding preparation or perhaps your honeymoon. Well, of course every body needs time to adapt with new life after marriage, But it doesn’t mean there’s no pleasure, joyful and adventure in your marriage life right? Enjoy it dear, after all, you still become a Queen for your beloved Husband.

2. The Wedding Dress Storage
”What I’m going to do with this wedding dress?” After the wedding, bride still has many options for the wedding dress : are you going to keep it or sell it again? Wedding dress is the most beautiful and precious dress you ever had. It keeps immortal and the most beautiful moment in your life. Yes, I know, some of you want to keep it, just like photo album. Someday you’ll wear it again and become a queen for a day. Some said what I’m going to do with this dress? After I giving birth, I may can’t wear it anymore. My size could be raising up.

Well, whatever you discussion is, it’s very important if you do it soon, at least couple months after wedding day to keep it from damages and pale faded.

3. Say Thanks
Don’t forget to do this. Make some simple cards but still fashionable for you, then send it to your relatives and friends, send it for couple days. Ask your husband to help you.

4. Tackle The Paperwork
When you’re married, you’re not only unite both of your life, but also your financial. “Your money is my money, and my money is your money?” Well, well, well. It’s little bit hard to talk about financial. Money is a very sensitive issue, some people may feel offended about money, especially “the together money”. Make some clear deals about this. Do you want to unite your bank account or each of you had each account.

5. Double Gift
Without reduce other people good intent, you may got more than one of the same wedding gifts. For example, you got two wooden clocks. What are you going to do with that? Still put it side by side? You have to clocks in the same room? Better if you give to your family or best friend. Remember, keep to much unnecessary stuff is a bad feng-shui to start new life together.

New life... Yeah, new life...
Need hard work with that...


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