08 May 2009

Ingredients :

1 Healthy man
1 Healthy woman
100% Commitment
2 Parents blessing
1 Bottle of pure love

Seasonings :

1 Big cube of humor
25g Recreation
1 Pack of prayer
2 Tsp phone calls
(all mix until completely homogenous and expand)

Tips :
  • Choose man and woman who really ready and balance
  • One and another age shouldn’t be too far because it can influence the taste. (better you buy it at supermarket call “church”, although the prize little bit too expensive, the quality is guarantee)
  • Don’t buy at the market called “discotique” or “Wild Party” because even the model was excellent, sometimes it cheat you or sometimes it use coloring agent which make your hearth and eyes damage.
  • Use affection brand “missionize“ which has been certificated from Health and spirituality Department (HSD).
How to Cook :
  • Wash the man and the woman until completely clean, throw all the pass until left pure intend.
  • Prepare large tray which has been spread with commitment and parents blessing homogenously.
  • Put pure intend into the tray, then bake it for about 30 minutes in front of the priest.
  • Let the Sugar cube with love for a while and then pour the seasonings.
  • It’s ready to serve.
PS :

Usually, this cake was enjoyed by the cooker for the rest of the cooker life and it really really delicious if you can wolfing down the cake when it come out fresh from the oven. But, if it start to cold down, you can add more humor, recreation and some pray as you like, then warm it again in an oven called “church”. After it starts to warm up, don’t forget to call each other if you stay far away one and another.

Have nice to try..
Guarantee perfectly legal ^^


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