08 May 2009

11 - 12 Months Before
  • Decide your place for honeymoon and start to find the tour you’re gonna use
  • Find the information how to register your married legally in law and church
  • Establish the wedding date, and find alternative date if the date you choose is not available
  • Find information about everything related to wedding, such as bridal, reception place, wedding dress and suit, etc. You can get those information from family, friends or the wedding expo
  • Decide how much is your budget
  • Arrange the budget by virtue of estimation, from the most expensive until the cheapest. Start from the building, catering, dress and photo, etc.
  • Make list for reception. Start to think where you want to held the wedding party. Is it at hotel, restaurant, or ball room
  • Do the pre-married health test
  • Make list for catering. Visit them, and do the test food. Start to arrange the menu for the wedding dish
9 - 10 Moths Before
  • Order the place for reception so other couple can’t order it before you
  • Choose who’s your maid: 1 teenage girl, 1 groom, and 2 kids maid
  • Choose who’s the reception and the book guest keeper
  • Choose who’s become the catering supervisor
  • Tell your wedding date to the church if you want to married there
  • Decide the catering, and the menu
  • Decide the total guest from the both side. Start to write the guest list, ask both of your parents the name of your big family
  • Choose your wedding dress, pick one from the bridals you’ve been visited
  • If you want both of your parent wear the same color and material, start to find the fabric now
  • Choose the wedding tuxedo
7 - 8 Months Before
  • Start to decide what color for the decoration and theme
  • Order the wedding invitation
  • Order the souvenir
  • Order the decoration for the reception place
  • Rent the wedding car as soon as you got the wedding color theme
  • Prepare your documentation: photo and video
  • Order the wedding cake
5 - 6 Months Before
  • Give all documents for married to the government who have the authority
  • Buy or rent decoration for the wedding room
  • Shop all the things needed for household
  • Company your maid to measure her/hid body to make new dress
  • Treat your face and body frequently and perfectly
3 - 4 Months Before
  • Categorized the wedding invitation to ease the delivering process
  • Make appointment with the designer for fitting the wedding dress
  • Make sure your menu and count again your order
  • Take your wedding ring from the shop
  • Choose a gift for them who had help you so much
  • Discuss your hair style with the hair stylist. Ask for test make up
  • If you would like to do studio photo, better if you do it after the make up test to get the best performance
1 – 2 Months Before
  • Don’t forget to consume multivitamin every day
  • Arrange the schedule for the big day, start from make, wedding ceremonial at church until the reception. Give the copy to the committee
  • Confirm all your order : decoration, photo, video, cake, MC, band (also decide what songs you’re gona play), and the hand bouquet
  • Do the final fitting for the wedding dress complete with the accessories
  • Do the full treatment for face and body
  • Have enough rest


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