05 May 2009

You feel there’s something different, your conversation with him/her always interesting, but sometimes it’s so difficult to convince your self “that is my love... “

How you explain the vibration you feel, the nervous feeling you felt waiting he/she coming? Next is the sign that it is really really love, love, love and love

You are his best friend. You laugh together with him more often than any body else. Both of you remember your most little thing, like your favorite food, favorite place, the fashion you like, what she or he like from his or her best friends, but is that all enough? You can read these next signs so you can be more sure about your feeling.

She or He will :
  • Place you is his/her top priority and you know you’re in that top list
  • Introduce you to his/her family
  • Make planning to the future (short and long phase)
  • Do such things he/she never do before, only with you
  • Share all secrets and dreams about the future
  • Worried about how his/her friends’ impression to you
  • Coming soon directly when you ask him/her to come
  • Make such thing that can make you comfortable or help you to loose all your stress, like give dinner surprise when you busy at work, Wipe your feet, or asking about your day.
  • Respect and reply your feeling and action, like reply your message or give you surprise.
What you feel is :
  • Very happy, but still cool
  • Brittle, but strong
  • When you with him/her, you feel comfortable being you
  • You want to involve him/her in every moment
  • You miss him/her when she/he not here
  • You can’t wait to see him/her, talk to him/her, and always want to be there next to you
  • You want he/she become only yours
  • You have strong intense to do some romantics thing you never do before
Sign "It’s not love" :
  • He/she change his/her mind or cancel the date
  • Talk about commitment that make you nervous or uncomfortable
  • You or he/she have another relationship
  • One of you feel everything run too quick
  • When you watch movie or listen romantic song, you feel something missing, in fact you feel nothing
Tips before you make commitment :
  • Compare him/her with someone you really want and deserve to get you
  • Watch how he/she treat his/her friends, family, partners, or someone else. In that way, you’ll know how he/she will treat you in the future and what is he/she truly character
  • Ask your self how far you know him/her and so does he/she


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