11 May 2009

Many things spouse should prepare for their wedding but, there’s one thing and it’s very important that people often forget. It is pre wedding general health check up. Only little spouse would do this test, especially in Indonesia. But, don’t you know that this procedure is very recommended by doctors?

The Benefits of Pre Wedding Health Check Up :
By follow the health check up before wedding, you can understand her/his condition and future projection of your wedding, especially thing that related to fertility and genetics and you’ll also can know what disease will appear and how to prevent.

Pre Wedding Health Check :
The procedure is almost the same like other general check up. You and your spouse should make appointment first with the specialist or doctor, then doctor will interview you about your health history. After that, you and spouse follow up the physical, radiology and laboratory testing to detect is there any disorder you may carry.

Ideally, pre wedding health test was doing 6 months before wedding. But, this not an exact time. It is flexible and can be done anytime before wedding, so if there is some disorder, it can be prevent or can be cure first.

Preparation Before The Pre Wedding Health Test :
Financial is the first issue. This test spends more money then other check up. So, you better prepare it first long time before. You must remember that the money you spend is a long term investment for both of your life.

Before you do the test, you should fast start from 10 pm a day before. After blood sampling, you and spouse can enjoy your breakfast. During the fast time, you still can consume purified water. Don’t forget to bring sample of your feces or fresh urine in the morning.

Even you and him/her feel healthy, There’s no wrong if you do the test. Especially, if the test decides your future household life and your descent.


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