01 May 2009

Photo is one of the most important elements in every show or an event, including your wedding. Many said that photos have more story than words. That’s why, choosing the good photography for your wedding is also very crucial.

There are several photography styles you can choose to perpetuate your most precious moments. These were the most favorite styles now days, check this out.

Classic Style. Almost every spouse use it, where bride, family, friends, and other guess make poses according to the photographer instruction. What make the photographer priority is the great lighting, the background, and the print quality. But, feel this photo... the passion and emotion of the wedding is less.

Photojournalism Style. The main purpose of the photojournalist is to tell a story about your wedding. Photographer will take picture about your romanticism and candid moment during the wedding. The celebration will be documented as natural as possible and really spontaneous.

Black and White Style. This style will be rocking up to the top of popularity because this styles reflect eternity. This photo gives you satisfaction and classic view of your wedding.

Creative Style. This style was pointed to close up photo of certain subjects, such as bridal bouquet, wedding ring and many other wedding accessories. This style is a great idea to combine many other styles to get beautiful pictures from wedding.

Full color. Full color photo will give expressive impress and more "life" of your wedding.

Whatever photography style you choose, the style should reflect you. Go find the best photographer. And you’re not limited by just one style. You can combine many styles and make the best pictures of your wedding.


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