01 May 2009

Wedding ring, well I think wedding ring is the most precious ring in the world. It has the highest emotional value, symbol of eternal love, endless story and absolute love.

When you to purchase it, you'll need more time and more consideration, because you buy not only one but two, for you and your spouse. Many couples purchased same model for the man and the woman. Well, this will make purchasing ring more difficult because if you like one model, your spouse may not sure like it. Perhaps the bride loved to wear gold ring with small diamond at the middle, but the groom loved to wear carved gold ring with no diamond. Don't make this difference a big problem for you! Enjoy it, and think precisely that difference make this life more wonderful.

Although you decide to purchase gold, platinum ring, or diamond ring, your ring should reflect your own style, your personality, and your desire. Choosing ring is a very fun and an exciting moment. You and your spouse may go around, one jewelry store to another. You can go to wedding expo or exhibition, many options there. You'll see the shining gold and the bright diamond, the simplest ring and the most expensive wedding ring.

One wedding ring could be produce commercial, it means those rings were produced more than one. Other couples could have the same model just like you. Well, you may consider to design you own wedding ring now.

Where you should start? Go first with the plain wedding ring. Even plain is the simplest wedding ring, this type offers many options for you.

The Material
As we all know, gold and platinum is the most favorite metal used for wedding ring. Do you like classic and traditional gold ring, plain circle and shining? I think 23 carats is the best. It's so gold. If you think plain wedding ring is too simple, carving ring is great. Some stores provide ready stock ring, but if you want to design you own carving, you can call the jeweler to help you. Free your mind, and design you own carving. Well, of course the price will be more expensive.

For some people, the shining gold symbolize warm and deep love in married and this become old tradition to wear gold for wedding ring. How about platinum? Strength and purity of platinum is exceeded than gold, make platinum an ideal choice for eternal love. Platinum has also been used for engagement ring.

You also can combine two metals, gold and platinum. New classic design combine 18 carats gold with thin line platinum (or the opposite). It could be at the middle or at the side of the ring. Sometimes, gemstone (diamond at most) added in the center of the ring.

Match The Ring With Your Hand
There are some basic rules you should obey when you want to purchase wedding ring. Remember that the color of your skin and the shape of your hand and finger give big influence. Sometimes, people with dark skin are less suitable, gold is more prefer. But, it?s back to you. If you love it, wear it.

Have you ever heard "Wide add width, Long add length"? I agree with this statement. Ring with narrow width will look "disappear" if wore by people who have big bone fingers. Consider medium width with engrave on the surface, it will look great on your finger. Flat surface is good for people with small finger while shallow concave surface is good for people who have big finger.

Diamond and other gemstone also can influence your performance. Wedding ring with diamond give big impress, so the size of diamond should be suited with your finger too. Add several small diamonds on the ring for small finger, while add only one big diamond for big finger.

The truth is, whatever wedding ring you wear it's not more than just a "symbol". The main factor which establish the relationship between husband and wife is communication and love between you. How about you?


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