19 May 2009

Brides always more dominant choosing or arrange all the wedding needs from the most important thing until the small accessories, at least 4 months before the big day. The hunting, bridal, make up, photo and etc are always suck most of the bride time and attention than other things.

You’re not the only one who had right to be special. Man, also have to perform stunningly and gorgeously, wearing luxurious wedding coat with all the accessories, once in his lifetime. Better than sit, wait and only imagine how gorgeous he is in his suit, try to read these steps first. There are things you should know before decide the wedding coat model. Only 10 minutes to read, then you can ask him to company you hunt the other stuff.

Let’s Choose the Material
Raw material usually used to make coat is Wool and Polyester. Both of those materials have different texture and characteristic. But now, combination between two raw, wool and polyester, called semi wool is raise to the top. It‘s not too rigid, but quite soft.

Wool leans to fur bearing, soft and comfortable to wear. In line with technology and modernization, now, wool has been combine with other material, makes it more light and cold. Polyester is synthetic material, and cheaper than wool, but, polyester lean to be harder. So, it’s suitable to make uniform because looks more rigid and not easily rumpled.

Measure precisely
Perfect time to measure wedding coat is about 4 months before the wedding. Besides doing twice fitting, there are some vendors doing some special technique to the pattern and the cutting. Of course, it takes more time than the ordinary.

When you fitting, get used your body to stand erectly, don’t crooked and when the tailor measure your waist, make sure you’re not too hold or too loosing your stomach. You hold your stomach because you feel optimism to loosing your weight instantly. It can make your pants hard to resize if you failed to reduce your waist circle.

Tuxedo or cutaway?
Coat’s cut had been transformed, highly varied into shape and model. Start from classic tuxedo, mandarin style (look like chinese traditional shirt), cutaway (coat with long coattail and the front side is not short, also known as penguin coat), full dress tailcoat (coat with long coattail and the front side is short, also known as conductor coat), and many other coat.

But, the very basic difference which can be seem clearly between formal coat or wedding coat is the front side beneath the coat. Formal coat for work had fold shape about a half circle and sale freely in many department stores, while wedding coat had straight line to seem more stylish and masculine. You should go to tailor to have it.

Accessories For Him

A. Button
Your body shape can determine the button. For you who had fat or short body, you can choose 1-2 buttons for your coat. And if you have tall and big body, you can add 2-4 buttons on the coat. It’s rationale, if you have too many buttons on the coat, then the coat will be look more long, so if you have short and fat body, the coat cutting will cut your height, make you look thin and straight. The type of button is also variable, plastic, metal or iron, and wrapped button (the material for the button is the same material with the coat).

B. Vest
Usually, vest was made from the same material with the outer coat. But, in line with fashion development, vest that little bit hide behind the coat now come into different motif and colors, suitable with the ascot tie. The material is not always the same like the material for the outer coat.

C. Tie
Now, the most popular tie for wedding coat is the ascot tie. Ascot is wide shape tie and usually decorated with jewel or big button in the center of it. In America or Europe, bow tie is had great vote. It combines with tuxedo for many occasionally including wedding.

Comfortable and pleasant to wear is dead prize that can’t be bargain anymore because pants play important role for feet to walk and move freely. Pant will be look great if the pants line fell straight down from the waist top to the feet. If necessary, you can add suspender or cummerbund (wide satin ribbon as belt ala Mexico).

Fitting Time!
This is the right time for you to pay attention to each details of the almost ready wedding coat.:
Fitting Time Tips :
  1. The distance between the arm bend and the coat should be about 1 cm
  2. Back of the coat collar has to adhere to the neck and there’s shouldn’t be space at all
  3. The serial button in front of the coat has to be straight fell down when the coat open or close
  4. The coat you wear should be look body fit but quite loose and comfortable
  5. Button on the vest has to be run parallel with the coat
  6. Try to wear the coat and the pant on squatting, sit down, walk and standing position
  7. Make sure the zipper run well


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