20 May 2009

Lot's of model, material, color, size and prize for wedding dress you can pick. Of course, this will make you more confuse when you decide "which gown will I wear on my wedding day?"

Don't you know that wedding dress style and model has big influence to your height and weight?! That's why, you should recognized your body first so you can pick the right dress. Here are some concerning you should know when you choose wedding dress.

For you who had fat and short body, you should avoid knit gown. You can choose A-line style or princess style for the wedding gown.Chiffon is the best choice, it make floating effect, so it can obscure the big body.

For you who had thin and short body, you should avoid waist cut dress. It'll make you look shorter and fatter. You can use baby doll model, to make you look taller. Chiffon, velvet and lace are the best choice.

If you're tall but fat, you can pick Princess or A-line style to make you look slender. Choose satin, chiffon and lace for this dress.

And for you who had tall and slim body, you're so lucky because all model dress is fit for you. Your outlook will be more perfect if you wear shirtwaist model with full skirt, which can increase your elegance. Pick satin and lace, those are the best choice.

So, don't take a wrong gown, ok girls.


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