12 May 2009

When you decide to held a quite luxury wedding party, souvenir just can’t loose from your budget.

Choose the Simple One. The simpler the souvenir, the cheaper the prize is. Prize of a souvenir is influence by the material and the difficulty level of making process. You can save money by choose the small size with simple design.

Save More Time. To save your time, you can directly choose an available souvenir at the market. You can find it at the modern market or at the wholesaler, there are so many options there. By search it by yourself, you may get new idea to buy souvenir that never been give at wedding before or may be you get an inspiration to make it yourself. You can also choose the shop/place that sells the box souvenir.

Watch the Quantity. If you order in large quantity, you may get discount, so the price for a single souvenir can be lot cheaper. More better if you order it 10% more just for buffer stock, just for anticipation. Don’t let the guess doesn’t get the souvenir.

Invitation = Souvenir. Ask the shopkeeper to give you some samples. Many print shops provide invitation all at once with souvenir. You can decide the idea by yourself or copy the available collection plus little modification to add new impress.

Here are some ideas for wedding souvenir :


Comb and Mirror



Hand Craft Towel


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