04 May 2009

Lot of us believed, after married, life will be more special. All the things we need will be fulfilled. Children will cheer up our house. We’ll be happy ever after. Are you sure?

Next are the myths and facts about married :

Myth 1 : Married will end up our loneliness
Fact : Many couples married still feel lonely

Myth 2 : Married make us perfect
Fact : Spouse completing each other, but doesn’t make the spouse perfect

Myth 3 : Everybody must be married
Fact : Many people not married but still very happy

Myth 4 : Feel become the only person whose been cheated in the world or cheating only happen with weak person
Fact : Cheating is social problem and it should be finished with open heart so every body can feel what’s monogamy look like

Myth 5 : Loving always be there, a good and healthy married
Fact : Almost every relationship has pass through up and down wave . Daily problems and life challenges in married sometimes cover the romantism

Myth 6 : Married will make people happy
Fact: We can’t consider our spouse is the source of happiness. Our happiness should come from our self. Married is completing our happiness not the main sources of happiness

Myth 7 : We will never had big problems if we truly in love each other
Fact : Good married is not happen just that. It’s need more than love, patient, responsibility, understanding and other feelings.

Myth 8 : My spouse have to know every thing that I need without I tell it first
Fact : Just because you’re husband and wife it doesn’t mean you can read his/her mind

Myth 9 : Conflict means less love
Fact : Conflict always happen in married

Believe or not, You’re the one who decide all, Everything is in your hand.


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