22 May 2009

There are lots of information and tips given for wedding dress. Then, how about the groom suit? Man also has to prepare himself to perform maximally on his wedding. One of them is prepare the most suitable suit for the groom.

Even you choose the most expensive suit or the most beautiful designs, all of them will be look not shapely if you not comfortable to wear it. To make it comfortable and make you more confidence, you should measure it first. Here are the tips you can try :

1. Comfortable Is The Key
Choose wedding coat which not only trendy, but also comfortable to wear. With this coat, you should be feel pleasant and easy to move. For example, when you try on at the boutique, you should often move your arms, shoulders and elbow, and try to stand up straightly. This was head for you to feel real freshness and the size for the coat. You will wear the coat all day, so, once again, make sure the coat is fit for you!

2. Measure It
Don’t miss it. Just because the boutique is very famous, then you decide to take it immediately. Try it first, then try it once again at least 2 days before the big day. Don’t trifling this step. You’ll be surprise, there are so many infelicity you’ll find when you fit the suit couple day before the big day. If, the suit really not comfortable with you and it doesn’t fit anymore, you still have time (even it very short time) to rent another coat which more suit with your body. Your coat should be fit and comfortable on the neck and shoulder. It’s not involute to be wear. You can try to stand up and sit down over and over again with coat buttoned. This method is very useful to measure the freshness of your coat.

3. Shirt
The shirt sleeve should be seen come out from the coat about a quarter or half inch. Once again, the shirt should be fit on the neck, shoulder, and wrist.

4. Vest
If you wear vest between the shirt and the wedding coat, make sure that the vest’s button were in line with the coat’s button.

5. Pants
This part of the suit is also important, you should have extra attention on it. Measure the length of the pants through the ankle, don’t be too short or too long. You must know the pants size that fit for you. Make sure the zipper run well, and when you wear it, you feel pleasant and comfortable to move.

6. Tie
Bow tie, ascot tie or even ordinary long tie, wear which match the motif with one of the element of your suit. The harmony will be seen from your suit, especially the tie.

7. Shoes And Shocks
Buy shoes at the early evening. In this moment, your feet were on the biggest size, so you can really decide which shoes make you feel comfortable which one not. If necessary, ask the shopkeeper to measure your foot with Brannock or "ruler". And for the shocks, Don’t choose the same color or motif with your shoes, conversely suit the color just like your pants. Other people will compare the compatibility between the shocks with the pants, not the shoes.

Make sure the whole suit you wear on the wedding day is perfect, give the pleasant feel and can improve your confidence.


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