25 May 2009

Express your mind and hearth to the opposite sex is hard and heavy, especially if you are a mousy person and had none experience with love. There are so many factors caused you abandon your intention to say. Here, 11 ways to make you easier express your love.

1. Plan ripely
Saying love to person you love is just like a war, you need a strategy and training, so when the day come, you not dazed. You can ask your best friend as partner, make him as person you said to.

2. Watch the situation and condition
You can't say love mistakenly, you need to watch the right place and the right time. Say when she/he on the mood, not busy and there are only both of you.

3. Recognized her or him well
It was important so you'll not disappoint when you say it. If you sure that she/he accept you, then don't be doubt too "shoot". But if your approximation so far showed she/he responds you only as friend, you better cancel your intention.

4. Express the love with something
Express love is not only with words, but also by some thing he or she likes or thing that represent your feeling. For example if you're man, you can give your lady roses, ring, necklace, doll, etc. If you're woman, don't worry...coz you don't need big modal, most of men doesn't like to be given something. Only smile, spoiled attitude and your love words, you can hold his hand, especially while you crying, 99% absolutely your love will accept.

5. Find the right time and the romantic place
The perfect time to say your love is when you're in free time or in holiday. For the place, you better reservation at the romantic restaurant at night.

6. Express your love directly
She/he will more appreciate you if you say it yourself. Never say love through second person, such as friend, by phone or by mail. She/he will think you not serious.

7. If you dare, say it in front of the public
This way is only valid for you who had soupy face and steel mental. You can register to some Love Reality Show. With this way, whatever his/her decision, you'll be famous, coz you're on TV. And if you rejected, you'll find other person immediately.

8. Pray before say
Many people miss this step. By praying, your plan will bring you a blessing. Even though you rejected, let the angel squawk him/her coz refuse you.

9. Prepare your mental
This is also an important point to make your plan well regulated. Don't ever loose your voice when you say to her or you has cold sweat. Well, take a deep breath and let the words come out by itself.

10. Try another way
Well, it's very useful for them who had mousy character. Draw up paper and ballpoint, express you love on it. For example: "I want you to know that I really love you. How about you...??" A. I love you too, B. Let's be friend first C. I doubt, and D. Give me some time. You do the strategy above then give her the ballpoint, so you'll know the answer immediately. If she chooses option B, C or D, give her candy and say thank you. Just say "I'm doing some polling."

11. Don't try this
Have you ever heard idiom "My love reject, My shaman hijack ". Oh, no..don't you ever follow this one because if you do, than you break the law. Besides, if you have her/him, usually this relationship is not running well or it's easily ending with sad ending

Well, if you follow those 11 steps, knock on touch wood, 99% you'll be successful. While the rest 1% is another better God plan to you. So, don't let your self disappointed moreover if you suicide, coz that is the stupidest action in this world. Well.. have nice to try and good luck.


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