04 May 2009

Time is ticking.. One month left.. One week left.. One day left.. Here come the big day..

Wedding day is special day. But, sometimes stress and overwhelmed jobs can’t be avoided. It was like all your weight has been transfer to your head, your heart beat raise faster, you can’t sleep, and you easily get angry to everybody only for unnecessary thing.

Gosh, you may think want to give up and don’t want to married anymore. Well, I felt the same too. But don’t ever let your stress still exist on the wedding day. You have to control your emotion, don’t let your angry take over your control. Follow this tips, It help you minimize your stress

1. Consume healthy food for breakfast. Healthy and nutrients breakfast is a good way to start your wedding day. Dry food, salad, low-fat yogurt, and high fiber bread is a great dish for breakfast. Free sugar fruit juice also help you to reduce your stress level. And, if you feel hungry, you can eat snack.

2. Make sure you always bring purified water every time and everywhere you go. Slurp little water frequently is better than drink lot of water for 10 minutes, except if you want to go to the restroom many times. Purified water is very important to smoothing your digestion and absorbs vitamins and minerals. Coffee, tea, and soda only make your body get more deficiency of fluid.

3. Laugh loud! Find everything that make you laugh that day. Laughing was believed to reduce stress hormone. The more you laugh the happier you are.

4. Be a very regular person. The more time you spend with other people to manage all your wedding stuff (catering, EO, photographer, etc) the more little your stress is. Don’t tow your job, finish it all at least a week before your wedding. Then, enjoy the rest of your week to rest.

5. If you planning to have honeymoon after the wedding reception, don’t forget to prepare your baggage, including passport and ticket. Place it on the table which easy to reach.

6. Get good rest in the night a day before your wedding day. To make your sleep tight, follow these steps :
  • Watch TV on the bed
  • Minimize the volume , light, and temperature in your room
  • Don’t drink caffeinated drinks 4 hours before you sleep
  • Don’t eat, exercise or drink any alcohol before you sleep
7. Divide you job to people who wants to help you, as many as you can. The more little thing you do, the more little stress you have.

8. Keep positive thinking to the future. Although the wedding day is an important day, your happiness in the future not only decide only in one day.

9. Research shows music give big impact to your body and soul. Music can spread positive aura which can help you to reduce stress. Ask to the wedding organizer to play your most impressed, romantic and favorite music.

10. Please understand you can’t control everything. Call name wrongly, master of ceremony came late, un-compromised weather, strike car, etc, everything can be happen. Understand that situation, try to accept that you can’t control everything patiently and loyalty.


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