26 May 2009

Wedding Appetizer : Chocolate Fountain

You must hear chocolate mountain right? Do you know the unique think of this chocolate fountain is the fruit dish like strawberry, melon, marsmellow and other.

With presentation like fountain, where chocolate flow unstoppable just like fountain, guess were spoiled with lots of fruits on a stab. Each stab drown to the chocolate fountain and ready to eat.
This Chocolate fountain used since middle 2007 in a wedding. You can add this chocolate fountain in appetizer.

Cost you should expand also not too much, depends on how much fruits you want to serve. It’s about $50 to $200.

25 May 2009

11 Accurate Ways To Express Your Love

Express your mind and hearth to the opposite sex is hard and heavy, especially if you are a mousy person and had none experience with love. There are so many factors caused you abandon your intention to say. Here, 11 ways to make you easier express your love.

1. Plan ripely
Saying love to person you love is just like a war, you need a strategy and training, so when the day come, you not dazed. You can ask your best friend as partner, make him as person you said to.

2. Watch the situation and condition
You can't say love mistakenly, you need to watch the right place and the right time. Say when she/he on the mood, not busy and there are only both of you.

3. Recognized her or him well
It was important so you'll not disappoint when you say it. If you sure that she/he accept you, then don't be doubt too "shoot". But if your approximation so far showed she/he responds you only as friend, you better cancel your intention.

4. Express the love with something
Express love is not only with words, but also by some thing he or she likes or thing that represent your feeling. For example if you're man, you can give your lady roses, ring, necklace, doll, etc. If you're woman, don't worry...coz you don't need big modal, most of men doesn't like to be given something. Only smile, spoiled attitude and your love words, you can hold his hand, especially while you crying, 99% absolutely your love will accept.

5. Find the right time and the romantic place
The perfect time to say your love is when you're in free time or in holiday. For the place, you better reservation at the romantic restaurant at night.

6. Express your love directly
She/he will more appreciate you if you say it yourself. Never say love through second person, such as friend, by phone or by mail. She/he will think you not serious.

7. If you dare, say it in front of the public
This way is only valid for you who had soupy face and steel mental. You can register to some Love Reality Show. With this way, whatever his/her decision, you'll be famous, coz you're on TV. And if you rejected, you'll find other person immediately.

8. Pray before say
Many people miss this step. By praying, your plan will bring you a blessing. Even though you rejected, let the angel squawk him/her coz refuse you.

9. Prepare your mental
This is also an important point to make your plan well regulated. Don't ever loose your voice when you say to her or you has cold sweat. Well, take a deep breath and let the words come out by itself.

10. Try another way
Well, it's very useful for them who had mousy character. Draw up paper and ballpoint, express you love on it. For example: "I want you to know that I really love you. How about you...??" A. I love you too, B. Let's be friend first C. I doubt, and D. Give me some time. You do the strategy above then give her the ballpoint, so you'll know the answer immediately. If she chooses option B, C or D, give her candy and say thank you. Just say "I'm doing some polling."

11. Don't try this
Have you ever heard idiom "My love reject, My shaman hijack ". Oh, no..don't you ever follow this one because if you do, than you break the law. Besides, if you have her/him, usually this relationship is not running well or it's easily ending with sad ending

Well, if you follow those 11 steps, knock on touch wood, 99% you'll be successful. While the rest 1% is another better God plan to you. So, don't let your self disappointed moreover if you suicide, coz that is the stupidest action in this world. Well.. have nice to try and good luck.

22 May 2009

7 Tips How To Choose The Comfortable Coat For Wedding

There are lots of information and tips given for wedding dress. Then, how about the groom suit? Man also has to prepare himself to perform maximally on his wedding. One of them is prepare the most suitable suit for the groom.

Even you choose the most expensive suit or the most beautiful designs, all of them will be look not shapely if you not comfortable to wear it. To make it comfortable and make you more confidence, you should measure it first. Here are the tips you can try :

1. Comfortable Is The Key
Choose wedding coat which not only trendy, but also comfortable to wear. With this coat, you should be feel pleasant and easy to move. For example, when you try on at the boutique, you should often move your arms, shoulders and elbow, and try to stand up straightly. This was head for you to feel real freshness and the size for the coat. You will wear the coat all day, so, once again, make sure the coat is fit for you!

2. Measure It
Don’t miss it. Just because the boutique is very famous, then you decide to take it immediately. Try it first, then try it once again at least 2 days before the big day. Don’t trifling this step. You’ll be surprise, there are so many infelicity you’ll find when you fit the suit couple day before the big day. If, the suit really not comfortable with you and it doesn’t fit anymore, you still have time (even it very short time) to rent another coat which more suit with your body. Your coat should be fit and comfortable on the neck and shoulder. It’s not involute to be wear. You can try to stand up and sit down over and over again with coat buttoned. This method is very useful to measure the freshness of your coat.

3. Shirt
The shirt sleeve should be seen come out from the coat about a quarter or half inch. Once again, the shirt should be fit on the neck, shoulder, and wrist.

4. Vest
If you wear vest between the shirt and the wedding coat, make sure that the vest’s button were in line with the coat’s button.

5. Pants
This part of the suit is also important, you should have extra attention on it. Measure the length of the pants through the ankle, don’t be too short or too long. You must know the pants size that fit for you. Make sure the zipper run well, and when you wear it, you feel pleasant and comfortable to move.

6. Tie
Bow tie, ascot tie or even ordinary long tie, wear which match the motif with one of the element of your suit. The harmony will be seen from your suit, especially the tie.

7. Shoes And Shocks
Buy shoes at the early evening. In this moment, your feet were on the biggest size, so you can really decide which shoes make you feel comfortable which one not. If necessary, ask the shopkeeper to measure your foot with Brannock or "ruler". And for the shocks, Don’t choose the same color or motif with your shoes, conversely suit the color just like your pants. Other people will compare the compatibility between the shocks with the pants, not the shoes.

Make sure the whole suit you wear on the wedding day is perfect, give the pleasant feel and can improve your confidence.

20 May 2009

Gown For Wedding Day

Lot's of model, material, color, size and prize for wedding dress you can pick. Of course, this will make you more confuse when you decide "which gown will I wear on my wedding day?"

Don't you know that wedding dress style and model has big influence to your height and weight?! That's why, you should recognized your body first so you can pick the right dress. Here are some concerning you should know when you choose wedding dress.

For you who had fat and short body, you should avoid knit gown. You can choose A-line style or princess style for the wedding gown.Chiffon is the best choice, it make floating effect, so it can obscure the big body.

For you who had thin and short body, you should avoid waist cut dress. It'll make you look shorter and fatter. You can use baby doll model, to make you look taller. Chiffon, velvet and lace are the best choice.

If you're tall but fat, you can pick Princess or A-line style to make you look slender. Choose satin, chiffon and lace for this dress.

And for you who had tall and slim body, you're so lucky because all model dress is fit for you. Your outlook will be more perfect if you wear shirtwaist model with full skirt, which can increase your elegance. Pick satin and lace, those are the best choice.

So, don't take a wrong gown, ok girls.

19 May 2009

Hunt And Squeamish The Wedding Coat

Brides always more dominant choosing or arrange all the wedding needs from the most important thing until the small accessories, at least 4 months before the big day. The hunting, bridal, make up, photo and etc are always suck most of the bride time and attention than other things.

You’re not the only one who had right to be special. Man, also have to perform stunningly and gorgeously, wearing luxurious wedding coat with all the accessories, once in his lifetime. Better than sit, wait and only imagine how gorgeous he is in his suit, try to read these steps first. There are things you should know before decide the wedding coat model. Only 10 minutes to read, then you can ask him to company you hunt the other stuff.

Let’s Choose the Material
Raw material usually used to make coat is Wool and Polyester. Both of those materials have different texture and characteristic. But now, combination between two raw, wool and polyester, called semi wool is raise to the top. It‘s not too rigid, but quite soft.

Wool leans to fur bearing, soft and comfortable to wear. In line with technology and modernization, now, wool has been combine with other material, makes it more light and cold. Polyester is synthetic material, and cheaper than wool, but, polyester lean to be harder. So, it’s suitable to make uniform because looks more rigid and not easily rumpled.

Measure precisely
Perfect time to measure wedding coat is about 4 months before the wedding. Besides doing twice fitting, there are some vendors doing some special technique to the pattern and the cutting. Of course, it takes more time than the ordinary.

When you fitting, get used your body to stand erectly, don’t crooked and when the tailor measure your waist, make sure you’re not too hold or too loosing your stomach. You hold your stomach because you feel optimism to loosing your weight instantly. It can make your pants hard to resize if you failed to reduce your waist circle.

Tuxedo or cutaway?
Coat’s cut had been transformed, highly varied into shape and model. Start from classic tuxedo, mandarin style (look like chinese traditional shirt), cutaway (coat with long coattail and the front side is not short, also known as penguin coat), full dress tailcoat (coat with long coattail and the front side is short, also known as conductor coat), and many other coat.

But, the very basic difference which can be seem clearly between formal coat or wedding coat is the front side beneath the coat. Formal coat for work had fold shape about a half circle and sale freely in many department stores, while wedding coat had straight line to seem more stylish and masculine. You should go to tailor to have it.

Accessories For Him

A. Button
Your body shape can determine the button. For you who had fat or short body, you can choose 1-2 buttons for your coat. And if you have tall and big body, you can add 2-4 buttons on the coat. It’s rationale, if you have too many buttons on the coat, then the coat will be look more long, so if you have short and fat body, the coat cutting will cut your height, make you look thin and straight. The type of button is also variable, plastic, metal or iron, and wrapped button (the material for the button is the same material with the coat).

B. Vest
Usually, vest was made from the same material with the outer coat. But, in line with fashion development, vest that little bit hide behind the coat now come into different motif and colors, suitable with the ascot tie. The material is not always the same like the material for the outer coat.

C. Tie
Now, the most popular tie for wedding coat is the ascot tie. Ascot is wide shape tie and usually decorated with jewel or big button in the center of it. In America or Europe, bow tie is had great vote. It combines with tuxedo for many occasionally including wedding.

Comfortable and pleasant to wear is dead prize that can’t be bargain anymore because pants play important role for feet to walk and move freely. Pant will be look great if the pants line fell straight down from the waist top to the feet. If necessary, you can add suspender or cummerbund (wide satin ribbon as belt ala Mexico).

Fitting Time!
This is the right time for you to pay attention to each details of the almost ready wedding coat.:
Fitting Time Tips :
  1. The distance between the arm bend and the coat should be about 1 cm
  2. Back of the coat collar has to adhere to the neck and there’s shouldn’t be space at all
  3. The serial button in front of the coat has to be straight fell down when the coat open or close
  4. The coat you wear should be look body fit but quite loose and comfortable
  5. Button on the vest has to be run parallel with the coat
  6. Try to wear the coat and the pant on squatting, sit down, walk and standing position
  7. Make sure the zipper run well

12 May 2009

Cheap But Still Fantastic : Wedding Souvenir

When you decide to held a quite luxury wedding party, souvenir just can’t loose from your budget.

Choose the Simple One. The simpler the souvenir, the cheaper the prize is. Prize of a souvenir is influence by the material and the difficulty level of making process. You can save money by choose the small size with simple design.

Save More Time. To save your time, you can directly choose an available souvenir at the market. You can find it at the modern market or at the wholesaler, there are so many options there. By search it by yourself, you may get new idea to buy souvenir that never been give at wedding before or may be you get an inspiration to make it yourself. You can also choose the shop/place that sells the box souvenir.

Watch the Quantity. If you order in large quantity, you may get discount, so the price for a single souvenir can be lot cheaper. More better if you order it 10% more just for buffer stock, just for anticipation. Don’t let the guess doesn’t get the souvenir.

Invitation = Souvenir. Ask the shopkeeper to give you some samples. Many print shops provide invitation all at once with souvenir. You can decide the idea by yourself or copy the available collection plus little modification to add new impress.

Here are some ideas for wedding souvenir :


Comb and Mirror



Hand Craft Towel

11 May 2009

Pre Wedding Health Check Up: Go For It!

Many things spouse should prepare for their wedding but, there’s one thing and it’s very important that people often forget. It is pre wedding general health check up. Only little spouse would do this test, especially in Indonesia. But, don’t you know that this procedure is very recommended by doctors?

The Benefits of Pre Wedding Health Check Up :
By follow the health check up before wedding, you can understand her/his condition and future projection of your wedding, especially thing that related to fertility and genetics and you’ll also can know what disease will appear and how to prevent.

Pre Wedding Health Check :
The procedure is almost the same like other general check up. You and your spouse should make appointment first with the specialist or doctor, then doctor will interview you about your health history. After that, you and spouse follow up the physical, radiology and laboratory testing to detect is there any disorder you may carry.

Ideally, pre wedding health test was doing 6 months before wedding. But, this not an exact time. It is flexible and can be done anytime before wedding, so if there is some disorder, it can be prevent or can be cure first.

Preparation Before The Pre Wedding Health Test :
Financial is the first issue. This test spends more money then other check up. So, you better prepare it first long time before. You must remember that the money you spend is a long term investment for both of your life.

Before you do the test, you should fast start from 10 pm a day before. After blood sampling, you and spouse can enjoy your breakfast. During the fast time, you still can consume purified water. Don’t forget to bring sample of your feces or fresh urine in the morning.

Even you and him/her feel healthy, There’s no wrong if you do the test. Especially, if the test decides your future household life and your descent.

08 May 2009

Sugar Cube With Love Recipe

Ingredients :

1 Healthy man
1 Healthy woman
100% Commitment
2 Parents blessing
1 Bottle of pure love

Seasonings :

1 Big cube of humor
25g Recreation
1 Pack of prayer
2 Tsp phone calls
(all mix until completely homogenous and expand)

Tips :
  • Choose man and woman who really ready and balance
  • One and another age shouldn’t be too far because it can influence the taste. (better you buy it at supermarket call “church”, although the prize little bit too expensive, the quality is guarantee)
  • Don’t buy at the market called “discotique” or “Wild Party” because even the model was excellent, sometimes it cheat you or sometimes it use coloring agent which make your hearth and eyes damage.
  • Use affection brand “missionize“ which has been certificated from Health and spirituality Department (HSD).
How to Cook :
  • Wash the man and the woman until completely clean, throw all the pass until left pure intend.
  • Prepare large tray which has been spread with commitment and parents blessing homogenously.
  • Put pure intend into the tray, then bake it for about 30 minutes in front of the priest.
  • Let the Sugar cube with love for a while and then pour the seasonings.
  • It’s ready to serve.
PS :

Usually, this cake was enjoyed by the cooker for the rest of the cooker life and it really really delicious if you can wolfing down the cake when it come out fresh from the oven. But, if it start to cold down, you can add more humor, recreation and some pray as you like, then warm it again in an oven called “church”. After it starts to warm up, don’t forget to call each other if you stay far away one and another.

Have nice to try..
Guarantee perfectly legal ^^

Step By Steps Weeding Planning

11 - 12 Months Before
  • Decide your place for honeymoon and start to find the tour you’re gonna use
  • Find the information how to register your married legally in law and church
  • Establish the wedding date, and find alternative date if the date you choose is not available
  • Find information about everything related to wedding, such as bridal, reception place, wedding dress and suit, etc. You can get those information from family, friends or the wedding expo
  • Decide how much is your budget
  • Arrange the budget by virtue of estimation, from the most expensive until the cheapest. Start from the building, catering, dress and photo, etc.
  • Make list for reception. Start to think where you want to held the wedding party. Is it at hotel, restaurant, or ball room
  • Do the pre-married health test
  • Make list for catering. Visit them, and do the test food. Start to arrange the menu for the wedding dish
9 - 10 Moths Before
  • Order the place for reception so other couple can’t order it before you
  • Choose who’s your maid: 1 teenage girl, 1 groom, and 2 kids maid
  • Choose who’s the reception and the book guest keeper
  • Choose who’s become the catering supervisor
  • Tell your wedding date to the church if you want to married there
  • Decide the catering, and the menu
  • Decide the total guest from the both side. Start to write the guest list, ask both of your parents the name of your big family
  • Choose your wedding dress, pick one from the bridals you’ve been visited
  • If you want both of your parent wear the same color and material, start to find the fabric now
  • Choose the wedding tuxedo
7 - 8 Months Before
  • Start to decide what color for the decoration and theme
  • Order the wedding invitation
  • Order the souvenir
  • Order the decoration for the reception place
  • Rent the wedding car as soon as you got the wedding color theme
  • Prepare your documentation: photo and video
  • Order the wedding cake
5 - 6 Months Before
  • Give all documents for married to the government who have the authority
  • Buy or rent decoration for the wedding room
  • Shop all the things needed for household
  • Company your maid to measure her/hid body to make new dress
  • Treat your face and body frequently and perfectly
3 - 4 Months Before
  • Categorized the wedding invitation to ease the delivering process
  • Make appointment with the designer for fitting the wedding dress
  • Make sure your menu and count again your order
  • Take your wedding ring from the shop
  • Choose a gift for them who had help you so much
  • Discuss your hair style with the hair stylist. Ask for test make up
  • If you would like to do studio photo, better if you do it after the make up test to get the best performance
1 – 2 Months Before
  • Don’t forget to consume multivitamin every day
  • Arrange the schedule for the big day, start from make, wedding ceremonial at church until the reception. Give the copy to the committee
  • Confirm all your order : decoration, photo, video, cake, MC, band (also decide what songs you’re gona play), and the hand bouquet
  • Do the final fitting for the wedding dress complete with the accessories
  • Do the full treatment for face and body
  • Have enough rest

06 May 2009

Man Is Troubled, But Still The Best Spouse For Women

If you treat him well,
he thinks you fall in love with him.
If you’re not, he said you arrogant.

If you dressed well,
he thinks you try to tempt him.
If you’re not, he said you countrified.

If your debated with him,
He said you stubborn.
If you still quite,
he said you stupid.

If you smarter than him,
he will shamed of you.
If he smarter than you,
he’ll said “I’m the best”.

If you’re not in love with him,
he try to get you.
If you love him,
he try to live you.

If you tell him your problem,
he said you make him cause a fuse.
If you’re not,
he said you not believe him.

If you so fussy to him,
he said you like a baby sitter for him.
But, if he so fussy to you,
it because he cares to you.

If you break you promise,
you can’t be trust.
If you break his promise,
he do it because he has to.

If you smoking,
you are a wild girl!
But, if he smoking,
he is a gentleman, wuiihh..!

If you hurt him,
he said you’re so cruel to him.
But, if he hurts you,
It because you’re too sensitive
and too hard to be happy!!!

If you show this to the men,
They must be swear “that’s not true”.
But, if you don’t sent this to him,
they’ll tell you egoist.

But, Men is really the best spouse, because...

If you treat him well,
slowly you’ll fall in love to him.
If you’re not,
you’ll never know

If you dressed well,
he thinks you try to be prettier as his spouse
If you’re not,
he said you’re pretty and natural

If you debated with him,
he said you’re the one for him to share everything
If you keep silent,
he said you always think first before you talk

If you smarter than him,
he’ll said you’re the woman his been looking for.
If he smarter than you,
he said you must have another side that he doesn’t have.

If you’re not love him,
he’ll try to get you.
If you love him,
he’ll bet with all his life to love you

If you tell him your problem,
he said “let’s find the way out”
If you’re not, he said “I trust you with all my heart”

If you so fussy to him,
you’ll said you always care to him
But, if he the one who fussy on you,
It because he cares about you

If you break your promise,
he said you’ll never do it again
If he breaks his promise,
He do it because he have to

05 May 2009

The Signs : “It’s Love, Love, Love and Love”

You feel there’s something different, your conversation with him/her always interesting, but sometimes it’s so difficult to convince your self “that is my love... “

How you explain the vibration you feel, the nervous feeling you felt waiting he/she coming? Next is the sign that it is really really love, love, love and love

You are his best friend. You laugh together with him more often than any body else. Both of you remember your most little thing, like your favorite food, favorite place, the fashion you like, what she or he like from his or her best friends, but is that all enough? You can read these next signs so you can be more sure about your feeling.

She or He will :
  • Place you is his/her top priority and you know you’re in that top list
  • Introduce you to his/her family
  • Make planning to the future (short and long phase)
  • Do such things he/she never do before, only with you
  • Share all secrets and dreams about the future
  • Worried about how his/her friends’ impression to you
  • Coming soon directly when you ask him/her to come
  • Make such thing that can make you comfortable or help you to loose all your stress, like give dinner surprise when you busy at work, Wipe your feet, or asking about your day.
  • Respect and reply your feeling and action, like reply your message or give you surprise.
What you feel is :
  • Very happy, but still cool
  • Brittle, but strong
  • When you with him/her, you feel comfortable being you
  • You want to involve him/her in every moment
  • You miss him/her when she/he not here
  • You can’t wait to see him/her, talk to him/her, and always want to be there next to you
  • You want he/she become only yours
  • You have strong intense to do some romantics thing you never do before
Sign "It’s not love" :
  • He/she change his/her mind or cancel the date
  • Talk about commitment that make you nervous or uncomfortable
  • You or he/she have another relationship
  • One of you feel everything run too quick
  • When you watch movie or listen romantic song, you feel something missing, in fact you feel nothing
Tips before you make commitment :
  • Compare him/her with someone you really want and deserve to get you
  • Watch how he/she treat his/her friends, family, partners, or someone else. In that way, you’ll know how he/she will treat you in the future and what is he/she truly character
  • Ask your self how far you know him/her and so does he/she

04 May 2009

10 Things You Can Do To Remove Stress on The Wedding Day

Time is ticking.. One month left.. One week left.. One day left.. Here come the big day..

Wedding day is special day. But, sometimes stress and overwhelmed jobs can’t be avoided. It was like all your weight has been transfer to your head, your heart beat raise faster, you can’t sleep, and you easily get angry to everybody only for unnecessary thing.

Gosh, you may think want to give up and don’t want to married anymore. Well, I felt the same too. But don’t ever let your stress still exist on the wedding day. You have to control your emotion, don’t let your angry take over your control. Follow this tips, It help you minimize your stress

1. Consume healthy food for breakfast. Healthy and nutrients breakfast is a good way to start your wedding day. Dry food, salad, low-fat yogurt, and high fiber bread is a great dish for breakfast. Free sugar fruit juice also help you to reduce your stress level. And, if you feel hungry, you can eat snack.

2. Make sure you always bring purified water every time and everywhere you go. Slurp little water frequently is better than drink lot of water for 10 minutes, except if you want to go to the restroom many times. Purified water is very important to smoothing your digestion and absorbs vitamins and minerals. Coffee, tea, and soda only make your body get more deficiency of fluid.

3. Laugh loud! Find everything that make you laugh that day. Laughing was believed to reduce stress hormone. The more you laugh the happier you are.

4. Be a very regular person. The more time you spend with other people to manage all your wedding stuff (catering, EO, photographer, etc) the more little your stress is. Don’t tow your job, finish it all at least a week before your wedding. Then, enjoy the rest of your week to rest.

5. If you planning to have honeymoon after the wedding reception, don’t forget to prepare your baggage, including passport and ticket. Place it on the table which easy to reach.

6. Get good rest in the night a day before your wedding day. To make your sleep tight, follow these steps :
  • Watch TV on the bed
  • Minimize the volume , light, and temperature in your room
  • Don’t drink caffeinated drinks 4 hours before you sleep
  • Don’t eat, exercise or drink any alcohol before you sleep
7. Divide you job to people who wants to help you, as many as you can. The more little thing you do, the more little stress you have.

8. Keep positive thinking to the future. Although the wedding day is an important day, your happiness in the future not only decide only in one day.

9. Research shows music give big impact to your body and soul. Music can spread positive aura which can help you to reduce stress. Ask to the wedding organizer to play your most impressed, romantic and favorite music.

10. Please understand you can’t control everything. Call name wrongly, master of ceremony came late, un-compromised weather, strike car, etc, everything can be happen. Understand that situation, try to accept that you can’t control everything patiently and loyalty.

9 Myths And Fact About Married

Lot of us believed, after married, life will be more special. All the things we need will be fulfilled. Children will cheer up our house. We’ll be happy ever after. Are you sure?

Next are the myths and facts about married :

Myth 1 : Married will end up our loneliness
Fact : Many couples married still feel lonely

Myth 2 : Married make us perfect
Fact : Spouse completing each other, but doesn’t make the spouse perfect

Myth 3 : Everybody must be married
Fact : Many people not married but still very happy

Myth 4 : Feel become the only person whose been cheated in the world or cheating only happen with weak person
Fact : Cheating is social problem and it should be finished with open heart so every body can feel what’s monogamy look like

Myth 5 : Loving always be there, a good and healthy married
Fact : Almost every relationship has pass through up and down wave . Daily problems and life challenges in married sometimes cover the romantism

Myth 6 : Married will make people happy
Fact: We can’t consider our spouse is the source of happiness. Our happiness should come from our self. Married is completing our happiness not the main sources of happiness

Myth 7 : We will never had big problems if we truly in love each other
Fact : Good married is not happen just that. It’s need more than love, patient, responsibility, understanding and other feelings.

Myth 8 : My spouse have to know every thing that I need without I tell it first
Fact : Just because you’re husband and wife it doesn’t mean you can read his/her mind

Myth 9 : Conflict means less love
Fact : Conflict always happen in married

Believe or not, You’re the one who decide all, Everything is in your hand.

02 May 2009

What I’m Going To Do After The Twisted Wedding?

After you get through the “wedding twister”, you may think that everything related to the wedding is over.

What are you feeling? Tired? That’s sure!, However, There is still lot of things you should do after the big wedding day pass.

1. Solve Your Post-Wedding Blues Problem
After the busiest moment, preparing wedding, it’s easy for women to feel sad because she’s not become bride anymore. The queen of the day is gone, all those eyes and attention is gone. You may feel the same feeling like this. But, that’s okay, most brides did.

To remove that sad feeling, you can make small party. Invite your close friends to watch the wedding video. Watch together the candid moment and the spontaneous expression that catch by the camera. You can loudly laugh with them. That attention you’re looking for will come back to you. Not as a queen of course but as funny princess. Use this party as moment to say thanks. You also can story about your wedding preparation or perhaps your honeymoon. Well, of course every body needs time to adapt with new life after marriage, But it doesn’t mean there’s no pleasure, joyful and adventure in your marriage life right? Enjoy it dear, after all, you still become a Queen for your beloved Husband.

2. The Wedding Dress Storage
”What I’m going to do with this wedding dress?” After the wedding, bride still has many options for the wedding dress : are you going to keep it or sell it again? Wedding dress is the most beautiful and precious dress you ever had. It keeps immortal and the most beautiful moment in your life. Yes, I know, some of you want to keep it, just like photo album. Someday you’ll wear it again and become a queen for a day. Some said what I’m going to do with this dress? After I giving birth, I may can’t wear it anymore. My size could be raising up.

Well, whatever you discussion is, it’s very important if you do it soon, at least couple months after wedding day to keep it from damages and pale faded.

3. Say Thanks
Don’t forget to do this. Make some simple cards but still fashionable for you, then send it to your relatives and friends, send it for couple days. Ask your husband to help you.

4. Tackle The Paperwork
When you’re married, you’re not only unite both of your life, but also your financial. “Your money is my money, and my money is your money?” Well, well, well. It’s little bit hard to talk about financial. Money is a very sensitive issue, some people may feel offended about money, especially “the together money”. Make some clear deals about this. Do you want to unite your bank account or each of you had each account.

5. Double Gift
Without reduce other people good intent, you may got more than one of the same wedding gifts. For example, you got two wooden clocks. What are you going to do with that? Still put it side by side? You have to clocks in the same room? Better if you give to your family or best friend. Remember, keep to much unnecessary stuff is a bad feng-shui to start new life together.

New life... Yeah, new life...
Need hard work with that...

01 May 2009

Pose!! Ready?! 1..2..3 Say Cheese...

Photo is one of the most important elements in every show or an event, including your wedding. Many said that photos have more story than words. That’s why, choosing the good photography for your wedding is also very crucial.

There are several photography styles you can choose to perpetuate your most precious moments. These were the most favorite styles now days, check this out.

Classic Style. Almost every spouse use it, where bride, family, friends, and other guess make poses according to the photographer instruction. What make the photographer priority is the great lighting, the background, and the print quality. But, feel this photo... the passion and emotion of the wedding is less.

Photojournalism Style. The main purpose of the photojournalist is to tell a story about your wedding. Photographer will take picture about your romanticism and candid moment during the wedding. The celebration will be documented as natural as possible and really spontaneous.

Black and White Style. This style will be rocking up to the top of popularity because this styles reflect eternity. This photo gives you satisfaction and classic view of your wedding.

Creative Style. This style was pointed to close up photo of certain subjects, such as bridal bouquet, wedding ring and many other wedding accessories. This style is a great idea to combine many other styles to get beautiful pictures from wedding.

Full color. Full color photo will give expressive impress and more "life" of your wedding.

Whatever photography style you choose, the style should reflect you. Go find the best photographer. And you’re not limited by just one style. You can combine many styles and make the best pictures of your wedding.