21 April 2009

Ring is a symbol of love-bind for all the time and it is obtain universal. Rings become early sign of a serious relation and explain the status of the owner. Ring on your left ring finger said “Hey leave me alone, I’m with somebody.”

Wedding ring has been going thousands years ago. Well, there is no exact data since when the ring was used for a wedding. But, some literature said, in ancient Roman there are lots of spouse wearing simple iron plate as a symbol of banded love. They believe that circle ring as a symbol of eternal love. Then for the next centuries, this tradition was adopted in western world. Ring was believe as symbol of love and reliance of a man and a woman. Sometimes, the ring given before the wedding, this ring was known as engagement ring and if the ring given on the wedding day, this ring called wedding ring.

The Symbol of Ring
Long with the progress, ring’s shape and design evolve. Long time ago, when the ancient Roman civilization still existed, the shape of the ring was like a key, made from brass, bronze, or iron. This ring was used as a symbol for wife to entering the husband’s house and she can use all his treasure.

At 15s century, gemstone was start to raise up their popularity to improvise gold wedding ring. Each gemstone has different symbol and meanings. Ruby is symbol of noble love. Emerald is Hope and expectation. Diamond is the strongest stone, symbol of eternity. In this era, the diamond that used on the ring was organized as pyramid.

Diamond Ring as Symbol of Eternity
Diamond rings start to be popular as engagement ring in 18s century at Europe. There are some reason diamonds become favorites at that time. The beauty of light that exuded and the strength is more than other stone. Noble women usually wear big diamond for their pendant, tiara, necklace, and bracelet. But, for the ring, they use small or soft diamonds. She is Queen Charlotte, wife of king George III from England was known as the first woman who use diamonds ring for her wedding. Since then, she known as Queen of Diamond.

Charles Lewis Tiffany, a designer, he design gold ring with diamonds on the center of the ring which spout a very bright and beautiful light. His design make the owner more insist for their glory.

Now day, wedding ring is available in many model and material. But, the most wedding ring used is gold and platinum. This gold, has many different colors, yellow, pink and white (almost similar with platinum). The usual carat for gold is 18c. The 24c gold is not good enough for wedding ring, because of the characteristic, which is too soft, and easily change form in daily activity.

Other option is white-silver platinum with classic style. Just like gold, the value of this ring was determined by the mixture of gold with other metal such as iridium and ruthenium. The cost of platinum ring is relative more expensive than gold.

Weeding ring model usually more simple. Many spouses choose plain model for daily activity or add a gem to make it more precious.

Here are some guideline when you want to but wedding ring :

1. How Much Is Your Budget?
The cost of wedding ring usually determined by its material used, the gold carrat, the weight for the gold and some other additional accessories such as diamonds or gemstone. For certificated wedding ring the price usually more expensive than the ordinary ring. If your budget is limited, you can solve it by choose simple model and light weight. You can save more by looking the cheaper making cost.

2. The Ring’s Model
Model of the ring usually became the main factor when you want to buy ring. You can choose directly at the gold store or you can find model in internet or magazine and then you make some special order.
In order to choose the model, you should remember that you’re going to wear the ring for the rest of your life. So better if you consider the shape, Does it will disturb your daily activity? Does the design will be last longer?

3. The Ring’s Material
It’s not only related with your budget, but also your health aspect. Do you have allergy with certain material? In some case, man’s sweat has reaction with some material differently.

4. The Ring’s Size
Don’t ever buy ring without try it first. You have to feel comfortable and fit on your finger. Don’t be to narrow, loose or the color doesn’t match with your skin. Wearing wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand is an old tradition, but there’s no standard rule for that. They say this tradition was come from ancient Roman which said that ring finger of the left hand was connected to amoris pulse on the hearth. Actually, the reason is simple. You more often use your right hand than the left hand for daily activities, so the ring will save.


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