17 April 2009

Complete your perfect look by choosing the right Hair style. Hair bun can be made from your own hair or hair piece. The perfect hair style will make your performance more stylish and modern when the big day come.

But, the other most important thing is match the hair bun model with the shape of your face. Recognize your face first before styling your hair to make you more confidence.

Round and square face. Better if you choose corrective hair bun to make it proportional with your face. To make your face balance, add more volume on the head by bouffant your hair more on that area.

If you have thin hair, comb and arrange your hair with free aerosol hair spray or wet hair spray to make the hair bun look natural and get light impress.

Other way is make Bali Style hair bun. Arrange the hair bun so it looks fall down or right behind the neck. This style will make your face look oval.

If you want to have simple and light hair bun you can use classic strike chignon. It use to eliminate heavy impression and full face. You also can add silver hairpin or jewelry to make it more modern.

For you who have oval face, you can choose many other hair bun styles. You can make adorable hair bun with neat detail or you can make it wretched. Avoid high hair bun because this will make your face more long. For the front hair, you can choose bangs style, bangs hair bun which is close half of the forehead.

To make the hair style more stylish and modern, you can paint your hair or highlight it. This will make your hair more detail, even it simple but still look gorgeous.

Now you pretty...


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