19 April 2009

You want to celebrate the biggest day in your life differently than others or you want some unique party? Garden party can be precise choice. The fresh outdoor atmosphere will make a new impress. Check these steps to prepare garden party.
Garden party can be one alternative for the theme of the party. This will represent extend of warm welcome and make the nuance more friendly and fun.
  1. Check the neat of the garden. If necessary, call professional gardener to make your garden lovely and pretty to watch.
  2. It is important to decide the dish menu. Match it with your garden atmosphere. Barbeque party can be good idea.
  3. Don’t forget to prepare special umbrellas on the garden. They are very useful to protect you and all the guests from the blazing sunlight, if the party held on afternoon.
  4. While if the garden party held on night, decoration such as garden lamp, colorful lantern and garden torch will be more beautified and hazying the garden.
  5. To make the party more fun and cheerful, perform acoustic music and add some speakers on the garden area. With this one, you can press your budget.
  6. Don’t forget to remind your guess (on the invitation card) about the right dress code which is match with your garden party.
  7. Weather is the number one factor. Of course, it’s a big risk to held party in rainy season.


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