08 April 2009

Outdoor or indoor? The purpose of choosing photo concept is to save time and money. Outdoor photo is a booming trend right now. It because the wide and free space for moving make you more relax and natural. Moreover, the focus to the photo is not too turned to you because there is background. But, of course, cost and effort is bigger too.

Match it with decoration and party theme. What ever your pre wedding theme, you should suit and match it with the wedding theme. So that, the pre wedding photo has the same direction with the decoration and the party theme.

Does Natural become you choice? When you decide to choose the theme for pre wedding photo, you should suit and match it with your personality so that when the photo shoot come, it works naturally and doesn’t seem clumsy. So, if you consider narcissism as your personality, natural is really good for you. It because natural photo concept is emphasize to expression and interaction between both of you.

Free and loose! If you and couple feel have no model talent in front of the camera, don’t take amiss yet. Try to pose whatever you like, the pose that make you comfortable and happy.

Don’t forget to show and express your endearment to your spouse. You can express it in many ways. You can see her or him with deep eyes to show love or you can killjoy or flirt until she mope up. What ever your endearment, you have to be free and nothing to loose, don’t pretend like you’re an artists and acting.

Came to know deep of your spouse personality also can become the pre wedding theme photo, probably from hobby, habit on the weekend or activities that you always do with spouse.

Nuance and atmosphere is another choice for the pre wedding photo theme. Do you like romantic style? Funky or even classic style?

So, show the true love when camera shoots you both.


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