15 April 2009

It must be hurt if the wedding which you already prepared well have to be null suddenly without clear explanation. But, remember that’s not the end of the world if that happen to you. There are so many ways to cure it.

1. Cry and cry and cry, Just Cry...
It’s ok to express what you feel by crying. One day or one week is enough to do that. Don’t be too drawn out with you sadness, your face will be look awful and massy. Even you heath hurt, but still, performance is number one. ^^v

2. Be and Think Positive.
It means, with this separation, It‘s not your destiny to be with him or her. This could be a warning that your spouse is not the one for you. He or she could make you disappointed and heartsick in the future.

3. You Can Save More Money Than Before.
You can start to save money again and make wedding planning that more elegant and glamour than you planned before. Or may be you can buy a car and a house from your saving.

4. Get Enough Rest
Sleep is the most effective medicine to decline stress. Whether you have to be peevish and throw away your energy, better you get sleep. Sometimes, your emotion can make other people involved and could be getting worse situation.

5. Exercise
Exercise is much much better than punishing your self. Make exercise as medium to drain your emotion. Try on your favorite exercise or you can try the extreme one if you dare.

6. Think and See from the Other Side
If your name break up your relationship, it means he’s not lucky to have you. You can take this moment to introspection yourself.

7. Watch Movie in Theatre
Ask your friends to company you. But don’t choose drama movie which will make you cry and remembering your bad memory. Try to choose comedy or action movie so it‘ll give you some entertainment.

8. Make Some Times For a While to Travelling
You can go to places you never go before. There are so many exotic place you can visit in this nation to cure you heartbreak. Invite your best friends so you’ll never feel alone.

9. Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream
Enjoying your favorite ice cream can far you away from feeling of disappointed or you can try other delicious food. Forget your diet program for couple days but don’t be to over.

10. Be Friendly With Your Heartbreak And Disappointed Feeling
It’s not a problem to make your heartbreak as a partner to fix and improve your love story in the future.

11. Find the New One? Oh, That’s Great Baby!
You can find new guy out there, but don’t be rush make decision to ask married. May it’s one of your emotion. Think wise and slowly, does she or he can accept you whatever you are, and you too baby.


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