23 April 2009

Usually wedding transportation is very identical with luxurious car, such as Mercy, Volvo, Limousine or BMW. But, if you creative, many other vehicles you can use. Yes, Wedding transportation is just a complement, but still you have to prepare special budget for the wedding transportation, consider the car you used is luxurious car. So, how much do you think rent a mercy for a day? Well in my country, Indonesia, rent mercedez benz new eyes is costs about 1 million rupiahs per 8 hours. If you calculated in US$, it’s about $100.

Nonetheless, There are other vehicle beside the cars above you can use, for example Classic VW also know as 'Der Deutche Volkswagen'. Car produced in 1938-2003 is easy to recognized because of its unique shape and its unique sounds. It’s classic, small, ancient but has more value than its real prize. One thing you should check and perhaps the most important thing when you wan this car is make sure that car was repaired and the machine is good. Don’t be strike on the way you go to the church.

Motor Harley Davidson, a big motor which provide for medium-high class people who proper in financial, a $40,000/notor can be one of your choice. It is luxurious and unique. Well, may be it little bit more heavy and make sure you can drive this motor well.

If Harley may be too expensive for you, you can have your old scooter (vespa, an Italian motor) for your wedding transport. Fan of Vespa is certain people and usually they have the classic type one. You can rent Vespa as a unique vehicle.

Bicycle can be other choice to get classic unique impress. It’s cheap, unique, and make you healthy, of course. Bike her with you boy! With extra accessories on it, this 1970s bike is ready to take you guys to the moon. Enjoy It.


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