27 April 2009

There’s only one way to have ideal weight on the wedding day. It was combination of diet and exercise. If you really serious want to have ideal weight for the wedding day, you need to be balance between healthy food consumption and burning calories.

Start the Beginning
Make planning by pick the date to start it. Give couple days for you to prepare yourself, make schedule and make some different changes in your life style. Go to the kitchen and throw away fat foods, high sugar food, and unhealthy food, or replace it with food that support your diet program, then keep your healthy food in refrigerator and drawers.

You must be want to decide your own fitness level. You can judge and calculate by yourself by measure you body size, how long you need to walk and run for one mile, and push up as many as you can in 60 seconds. If you have membership in a gym, make schedule with the trainer to discuss your target so he or she can help you to decide the perfect method which is suitable for you.

Do exercises with higher level in every 20 minutes, 3 times a week. Swimming, cycling, jogging, running, and hiking are the best exercise which can burn lot of calories rather than build your muscle. Try to exercise every morning and evening for about 10 minutes.

Endurance Exercise
Endurance Exercise is the perfect exercise to complete aerobic, such as swimming and jogging. These exercises are very good to strengthen bone and shaping your body. Women don’t have enough testosterone hormone which own by men to build big muscle naturally, so don’t be shame to reshape your arms. Lift light weigh, but do it frequently. While bodybuilders increase their burden gradually to build their muscle, your target is build and tightening your arms y lift light weigh but more often.

Doing stretching before and after exercise will prevent you from serious muscle injuries, and increasing your elasticity. So it’s very important to increase the fitness level. Start it by doing early stretches for 15 seconds, and do it again for 60 seconds for intense stretch. Do you motivated now? You can follow yoga class.

Consuming healthy food
Once you start to exercise routinely, with sweat and the calories you burn, you deserve to get big burger or large french fries. Don’t be misguide! Remember, the key to loosing weight is expend more calorie than calorie intake. So, if you increasing your exercise just to increasing you calorie intake, you’ll never get the result you want.

In fact, when you exercise regularly, you have to be more careful with what you eat. Your body will need more vitamins and minerals which are contained in healthy food as a fuel to burn your fat and make thin tissue. You can consume multivitamin into your daily diet to make sure you get the nutrients you need.

The most important thing is, don’t do healthy life style just to get perfect body on the wedding day. Make that healthy life style as your habit in your life. If you do it right no, for the rest of your life, you’ll be still look beautiful at your 20th wedding anniversary .


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