14 April 2009

You don’t have to spend lot of money and hold a luxurious party to have a beautiful and spectacular wedding moment. The trick is anticipate all factors which can influence the amount of budget needed.

The place doesn’t have to be strategic. The purpose of wedding party in a building is to get enough space to take in all guests and you don’t have to bothered prepare it. You don’t have to choose building that has a very strategic location to make ease for guests to come, because all the guess already have intend to come wherever the location is.

Save Budget for Building. To save budget for the building, the location doesn’t have on the main road. The important thing is the location is easy to find and the access to the location is good. And you don’t have to choose luxurious building because later, it will be decorated. Just choose the place that can take in all the guests. Choose non commercial building, which means it not rent for special occasion.

At home can be better, just how you manage and decorate the place. Wedding party doesn’t always in luxurious place, your own home can be change and into beautiful place. Remember, the main factor that influence the expense is the wedding place. Wedding at your own house can save much money for building and catering. If you have wide garden, you can install closed tend which can carry many guesses. Usually closed tend is more expensive then the opened tend but of course still cheaper than rent a building right?

Be Wise in invitation. Second factor which influences how much you’re gona spend is the total amount of the guess. If you limited by the quota for invitation, choose wisely who do you want to invite. Start from the nearest relative and friends, then the farthest. Near can be means close relative or the distance from house. If you hold marriage settlement and wedding reception at different place, invite close relative, neighborhood and friends around you to come to the wedding reception which is hold at your house. Whereas the other invitations who not live near you, you can invite them to come to the wedding reception.

Be Wide Variety Set the Table. You don’t have to order lot of food with only little menu, the important thing is variation. Thereof too many set main course on the main table, better if you set small stalls with different food at the side of the room. This set will reduce queue, and make the guesses do not feel run out of dish, because there are many menu served.

Ask for discount, why not? Although you choose package prize, don’t be hesitant to ask discount or when you order for catering, although the prize was stamped on the brochure, it doesn’t mean you can’t get more discount. You can negotiation with the catering management. And don’t forget to watch the management credibility, because you can’t count exactly whether the portion food served is agree with the order.

Good luck pals.


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