01 April 2009

Want to have a unique wedding party? First thing you should do is make list of what are you and your spouse like? Start from music, style, color, favorite artists and hobby. With that list, you can decide the right theme for your wedding.

You don’t have to make your theme too complex. You can be inspired with soft pink, with that color you can adjust all of your wedding needs with the same color or same gradation. There are several unique ideas you can try, check this out.

Atmosphere Music. Prepare independent sound system one in each the corner of the room. Match it with the food that served. Usually, at least three stall food beside the main course. For example : sate stall and soto stall, you can play Javanese music, gendang, while barbeque stall and Kebab, play western music of course.

Dress Theme. Write down your theme on the wedding invitation. For example : you want to have traditional theme, and you want all you guess wear traditional dress, write the theme on the wedding invitation “Dress Code : traditional”. You can use this idea if most of the guess ifsyour close friend and close relative.

Guess Polaroid Photo. You can provide Polaroid camera which prepared on the receptionist deck and tell the reception clerk to take each of the guess than stick it next to the guest’s signature on the guess book.

White never wrong. White for the wedding theme is never wrong. But, try something different, use the white gradation. For example : Use white gradation for the decoration, cake, cars, carpet, and all the servant and committee that involved. For the bridegroom use white tails, you’re prince will look awesome.

Espresso Bar. Add espresso bar. Here, guesses can enjoy and order many beverages, such as: coffee lattes and cappuccinos.

DJ to cheer up the party. Hire a DJ to your wedding party is a very interesting idea. Combination between romance and energizing were great! Your guess will love it so much.

Special show for children. Usually children can’t hold in wedding party for more than half hour and parents, often too lazy to bring their children go with them. Go hire for balloon boy, clown or magician to attract those children attention so they not gona bother the party.

So, the point is, you must discuss with your partner.


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