13 April 2009

Long ago in Italy, there is no ‘deep pan pizza’ like Pizza Hut usually offered, not all Swedish women were blonde just like people know and don’t be afraid French man will not give french kiss when the first time meet. Those all were myths from Europe.

If you never go to Europe before, this continental offers combination between scenery, history, architecture and of course the nature beauty of Europe. Then, how we plan trip to Europe with husband/wife or family?

Europe is very wide and beautiful. You may miss the time for the rest of your life in Europe without get anything. First, decide how long you’ll spend time in this continental and what city are you planning to visit. For example: if you have two weeks, you may only can visit only three countries: Italy, French, and Switzerland. But, if you have four weeks, you may visit more countries. At least you need two days to travel one city.

You should decide which city do you plan to visit. All cities in Europe offers their own history and scenery. Whatever the city you choose, guarantee those cities will impress you.

There are several ideas you can consider when you choose the city :
Historical City. May be for you, it sound bored, but each city in Europe has modern civilization which you learned in high school. Visit historical places which you can only see in picture, it’ll amaze you.

Visit the city where your friends or family stay. Of course you’re not wish to stay in their house, but your friends and relatives will love to company you. They can become your personal tour guide who can help you travelling.

Visit the city which you dream to go. Have you ever read the story of small Heidi with her beautiful country, Switzerland? Or story about Julius Caesar, role of the land of Rome? Or anything that inspired you when you’re child. It’s the time to realize it.

When is the right time to visit? It’s so fun visit Europe in summer when everybody want to spend their holiday season. But, you’ll face the long queue everywhere, not only at the airport but also in restaurants. Summer is the best time to spend holiday in this continental because the weather doesn’t make you too tremble.

But, in other season Europe offers another attraction. The costs for hotel is cheaper, discount in everywhere and the most important thing is there are not too many tourists visit Europe, make you more comfortable to travel. Of course, there are several things you should consider. Some of cheap hotels will be close in winter or you should spend more money to rent a heater in your room.

Visiting Europe is a culture and historical adventure. In this continental, human civilization began since centuries ago. So, make this journey as an unforgettable moment for the rest of your life.


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