15 April 2009

Do you watch Rose wearing blue sapphire necklace on the movie, Titanic? Well isn’t amazing? I mean the blue sapphire not the naked Rose. ^^v People love gemstone rings because of the creative designs and luminous colors.

Blue sapphire engagement rings is even more than a diamond and more preferred by royalty. This is a nice factoid to share with your queen as you slip a blue sapphire engagement ring on her ring finger.

Rubies is as almost as hard as diamonds too. It belong to the corundum family. Most rubies are heat-treated to improve their color, but stones in their natural form do exist. You can also save some dough by purchasing synthetic versus natural rubies.

There are a thousand legends and stories related to the opal gemstone. The Romans thought that wearing opals made one more lucid in thought and spontaneous in action. Some still feel that it is bad luck to purchase an opal for oneself, but good luck if someone else gives one to you.

Throughout history there have been negative connotations associated with opals. With their rainbow hues, I just think opals are some of the prettiest stones around. The rainbow shades are oftened referred to as a “play of color.” Opals are a noncrystalline form of the mineral silica which are formed from amorphous “balls” or “lumps” of silica. As the water evaporates, the silica particles cement together to form the opal. The color is caused by the diffraction of light. One of the major downfalls of opal engagement rings compared to diamonds is that opals are a much softer stone. Opals exhibit an impressive color range. They can be white, pink, green and blue, gray, or black.

While gemstone rings are stunning, the historic legends and beliefs about them make them more than precious.

The god of wine, also known as Bacchus, is credited in history with the creation of amethyst stones. Legend says during a fit of anger, Bacchus sent tigers to kill the fair maiden, Amethyst. A woman named Diana saved Amethyst by turning her into quartz. Other ancient civilizations used amethysts to protect their crops.

The Romans used emeralds in their religious practices and believed emeralds symbolized the goddess of love and beauty, Venus.

Ancient Egyptians thought opals lured Marc Antony to Cleopatra while ancient Greek societies believed opals brought about hope, foresight, and purity.

Amethysts, emeralds, and opals can represent a number of high points in life today. Opals are popular in gemstone rings because of their exquisiteness. They represent the thirteenth wedding anniversary and October birthdays.


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