22 April 2009

Now, pre wedding photo become a necessity and requirement for them who planning to get married. Of course, those photos not only displayed on the invitation card, but also can be displayed at the gallery of the wedding place. This can be an eternal memory for you. Sure, you want to make unique photo and different with other right? Check, this few ideas.

Hobby is good idea. Search, what is your hobby and what is your favorite activity. For example, if your hobby is traveling, you can take the photo section at the place you ever traveled and the most impressed place. My self, take the photo shot at his house where he proposed me.

Your profession can be the inspiration. If you works as architecture, you can use your under construction building as the photo background. With mature concept and unique pose, the photo result will be different than other.

From the past. You can make your pre wedding photo as a love journey. If your story of love began from same campus, the photo shoot can be take with campus as the background, complete with the university students style. Pose like the first time you met at the campus. But, you should be confidence because to get the feeling of the campus, the photo shoot session should be done when the university’s lecture periode go. Are you challenged?!

Hang-out. Many place costs lot of money? Don’t worry, that’s not an obstacle to get unique pre wedding photo. Try to remember where is your favorite place to chic chac, spending time together or the place for dinner and lunch. Don’t worry if it just small café at the corner of the city. Use the photographer skill and trick, this photo will be look like a story.

Day by day. Daily atmosphere and daily activity can make you pose and style as you like. Spontaneous expression will make the photo tell a story. The photographer will take a picture of you candidly so the expression will be look clearly.

Public area. Location for the photo shoot can be at unusual place, such as in the middle of traffic jam, at the bus way, traditional market, station, overpass or even at the mall. This photo idea is very interesting and need the photographer skill and braveness to pose and expression at the public area.

Oldiest. Detail is very important if you take this theme to make the whole atmosphere more live. Not only the outfit, background and supporting property should be well prepared.

Film adoption. Take your favorite movie or movie that has special memory for both of you, perhaps the first movie you watch together. You can rent costume like the character in the movie. About the pose, you can learn it from the movie poster or you can watch it once again, while remember that beautiful moment. Sometimes you need to flash back.

Before you decide a theme for photo, make a deal first about the concept, is it indoor or outdoor. Well, generally outdoor photo is more interesting than indoor photo. Because outdoor photo provide many room space, free, relax, natural and the focus of the photo is not just you, but there are some background behind you. Of course, it spends more money.

Also don’t forget that pre wedding photo will be displayed at the wedding day. That’s why you should match the decoration with the photo so it wouldn’t be cross over with the theme. If you have problem posed on the camera and you don’t often take photo for yourself, you can choose natural theme. Remember great pre wedding photo is not determined by the background, the style or the pose, but the harmonic interaction between you.

If you and your spouse don’t feel photogenic and hard to pose, don’t worry, just be your self. Act like there’s no camera in front of you, only you and spouse, no other. You can communicate and crack jokes each other like usual. Show your love through your close observation and small touch. Remember all beautiful and colorful memories at the early state of relationship.

Whatever theme you choose, it should be match with both of your personality. This is your wedding, so you’re the king and the queen, at least for the one big day. All attention and eyes will be on you, so free your mind and make pre wedding photo that reflect your and spouse personality.


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