16 April 2009

All brides want to be look pretty in her big happy day. But, be pretty is not only for the make up and glamour dress, your body has to be pretty too.

That’s why, you have to do some treatments start from the hair until the end of the foot. Check this few treatment steps, you may follow when the big day come, so you’ll look great and charm.

The first body treatment is meditation. Meditation use to train and exercising your respiration and relaxation. The second one is body polish, to remove dead cells. You can use smoothed papaya as a scrub for this treatment. You also can do body treatment with milk bath. This treatment used to softening and smoothing your skin.

Next treatment is women reproduction organ. This treatment utilizes some roots concoction called empon-empon. Usually empon-empon placed in a bin filled with boiled water and then placed under voidable chair. After that, you sit on that chair and you wrapped with towel so that the empon-empon air doesn’t spread out. This treatment used to clean women reproduction organ, help to solve Fluor Albus problems and help to cope with excessive liquid or secret in the women reproduction organ.

Other treatment is ratus. Ratus treatment usually utilize natural concoction like roots and fragrant wood such as gaharu wood, sandalwood, orange peel and mixture of flowers concentrate such as rose, jasmine and ylangylang.

The benefit of ratus is to prevent the yeast growth cause fluor albus, kill yeast spore at the skin head, kill bacteria cause bad smell and the ratus warm smoke can smooth the blood stream to the head.

You also can’t miss face treatment. You can try facial oxygen, oxygen can stimulate new cells growth, regenerate skin so your skin look younger and bright. Facial oxygen also help to solve skin face problems such as acne and hyper pigmentation.

The last treatment is hair treatment. On your wedding day, your hair should be in healthy condition so your hair style can be fix optimally. To make your hair healthy much longer, follow the intensive treatment, you can do it in your favorite salon or you can do it your self.


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