27 April 2009

Loosing Your Weight For The Wedding Day

There’s only one way to have ideal weight on the wedding day. It was combination of diet and exercise. If you really serious want to have ideal weight for the wedding day, you need to be balance between healthy food consumption and burning calories.

Start the Beginning
Make planning by pick the date to start it. Give couple days for you to prepare yourself, make schedule and make some different changes in your life style. Go to the kitchen and throw away fat foods, high sugar food, and unhealthy food, or replace it with food that support your diet program, then keep your healthy food in refrigerator and drawers.

You must be want to decide your own fitness level. You can judge and calculate by yourself by measure you body size, how long you need to walk and run for one mile, and push up as many as you can in 60 seconds. If you have membership in a gym, make schedule with the trainer to discuss your target so he or she can help you to decide the perfect method which is suitable for you.

Do exercises with higher level in every 20 minutes, 3 times a week. Swimming, cycling, jogging, running, and hiking are the best exercise which can burn lot of calories rather than build your muscle. Try to exercise every morning and evening for about 10 minutes.

Endurance Exercise
Endurance Exercise is the perfect exercise to complete aerobic, such as swimming and jogging. These exercises are very good to strengthen bone and shaping your body. Women don’t have enough testosterone hormone which own by men to build big muscle naturally, so don’t be shame to reshape your arms. Lift light weigh, but do it frequently. While bodybuilders increase their burden gradually to build their muscle, your target is build and tightening your arms y lift light weigh but more often.

Doing stretching before and after exercise will prevent you from serious muscle injuries, and increasing your elasticity. So it’s very important to increase the fitness level. Start it by doing early stretches for 15 seconds, and do it again for 60 seconds for intense stretch. Do you motivated now? You can follow yoga class.

Consuming healthy food
Once you start to exercise routinely, with sweat and the calories you burn, you deserve to get big burger or large french fries. Don’t be misguide! Remember, the key to loosing weight is expend more calorie than calorie intake. So, if you increasing your exercise just to increasing you calorie intake, you’ll never get the result you want.

In fact, when you exercise regularly, you have to be more careful with what you eat. Your body will need more vitamins and minerals which are contained in healthy food as a fuel to burn your fat and make thin tissue. You can consume multivitamin into your daily diet to make sure you get the nutrients you need.

The most important thing is, don’t do healthy life style just to get perfect body on the wedding day. Make that healthy life style as your habit in your life. If you do it right no, for the rest of your life, you’ll be still look beautiful at your 20th wedding anniversary .

24 April 2009

Find it, Try it and Get Your Wedding Dress

Do you still remember the black and white photo of your parents wedding? With thick make up and big gown just like lady Di, with awkward stand position face to the camera? Have you ever imagine what is look like to stand there for hours wearing so heavy dress while keep balance and elegance?

Every bride candidates who plan to married in this era should be thankful because wedding dress trend has been developed become more simple, light and modern. One thing that never been change is the white color, still become favorite.
Thousand even million girls in this world dream about perfect wedding and perfect dress. Often, that they’ve been plan it before they have the perfect spouse. Why white? Where does this tradition begin?

Turn out to be Queen Victoria who married with Prince in 1840s which popularizing white wedding dress until now, whereas, blue wedding dress is more popular in British society in that time. The dress wore by the queen was made as confession, position and fashion style to all British women in that time.

White dress also related with strong tradition. Almost all parents refuse their daughter wear colored dress. It because white color is assume as symbol of pure and innocent. This firmness, at the end has been lay aside that color touch in a wedding dress can give different accent.

In western people, other white wedding dress invite negative assuming. Read this Old rhyme….
Married in white, you have chosen all right.
Married in green, ashamed to be seen.
Married in red, you will wish yourself dead.
Married in blue, you will always be true.
Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow.
Married in black, you will wish yourself back.
Married in pink, your spirits will sink.

Well, this myth starts to fade as the time clicking. Coincide with shape and pattern dress changes, white dress often reputed too bored for famous designer. In this time, there’re been lot of local and foreign celebrities wear colored dress. For example, young designer, Vera Wang, often combine colors to the white dress, complete with detail and belt below the breast.

Well, you don’t have to change the color of the wedding dress drastically if you are not so sure. You still can perform full with style, check these tricks:
  1. You can add gold cape or bolero, beidge, or crème.
  2. Add brocade at the under side of the dress. So, it looks more beautiful and creative.
  3. Be inspired by foreign and professional designer who combine colorful ribbon and belt on the waist and under the breast. Don’t forget to add big brooch at the middle of the ribbon, front or back of the body.
  4. Add circle lace on the chest or behind the hand.
  5. Soft satin with broken white color, is very suitable with contrast velvet.
  6. You can also match the Classic brocade’s color on the tail of the dress with the theme of the wedding or with the decoration.
  7. Additional colorful detail on the gown can be matched with the bouquet, your spouse tie or even the bridesmaid dress.
If you have little braveness and creativity, small changes can give different impress on your wedding dress.

23 April 2009

Mercedez, BMW, Vespa or Even Bicycle : Which One Is The Best?

Usually wedding transportation is very identical with luxurious car, such as Mercy, Volvo, Limousine or BMW. But, if you creative, many other vehicles you can use. Yes, Wedding transportation is just a complement, but still you have to prepare special budget for the wedding transportation, consider the car you used is luxurious car. So, how much do you think rent a mercy for a day? Well in my country, Indonesia, rent mercedez benz new eyes is costs about 1 million rupiahs per 8 hours. If you calculated in US$, it’s about $100.

Nonetheless, There are other vehicle beside the cars above you can use, for example Classic VW also know as 'Der Deutche Volkswagen'. Car produced in 1938-2003 is easy to recognized because of its unique shape and its unique sounds. It’s classic, small, ancient but has more value than its real prize. One thing you should check and perhaps the most important thing when you wan this car is make sure that car was repaired and the machine is good. Don’t be strike on the way you go to the church.

Motor Harley Davidson, a big motor which provide for medium-high class people who proper in financial, a $40,000/notor can be one of your choice. It is luxurious and unique. Well, may be it little bit more heavy and make sure you can drive this motor well.

If Harley may be too expensive for you, you can have your old scooter (vespa, an Italian motor) for your wedding transport. Fan of Vespa is certain people and usually they have the classic type one. You can rent Vespa as a unique vehicle.

Bicycle can be other choice to get classic unique impress. It’s cheap, unique, and make you healthy, of course. Bike her with you boy! With extra accessories on it, this 1970s bike is ready to take you guys to the moon. Enjoy It.

22 April 2009

Decide Pre Wedding Theme : Natural, Outdoor, Oldiest or...

Now, pre wedding photo become a necessity and requirement for them who planning to get married. Of course, those photos not only displayed on the invitation card, but also can be displayed at the gallery of the wedding place. This can be an eternal memory for you. Sure, you want to make unique photo and different with other right? Check, this few ideas.

Hobby is good idea. Search, what is your hobby and what is your favorite activity. For example, if your hobby is traveling, you can take the photo section at the place you ever traveled and the most impressed place. My self, take the photo shot at his house where he proposed me.

Your profession can be the inspiration. If you works as architecture, you can use your under construction building as the photo background. With mature concept and unique pose, the photo result will be different than other.

From the past. You can make your pre wedding photo as a love journey. If your story of love began from same campus, the photo shoot can be take with campus as the background, complete with the university students style. Pose like the first time you met at the campus. But, you should be confidence because to get the feeling of the campus, the photo shoot session should be done when the university’s lecture periode go. Are you challenged?!

Hang-out. Many place costs lot of money? Don’t worry, that’s not an obstacle to get unique pre wedding photo. Try to remember where is your favorite place to chic chac, spending time together or the place for dinner and lunch. Don’t worry if it just small café at the corner of the city. Use the photographer skill and trick, this photo will be look like a story.

Day by day. Daily atmosphere and daily activity can make you pose and style as you like. Spontaneous expression will make the photo tell a story. The photographer will take a picture of you candidly so the expression will be look clearly.

Public area. Location for the photo shoot can be at unusual place, such as in the middle of traffic jam, at the bus way, traditional market, station, overpass or even at the mall. This photo idea is very interesting and need the photographer skill and braveness to pose and expression at the public area.

Oldiest. Detail is very important if you take this theme to make the whole atmosphere more live. Not only the outfit, background and supporting property should be well prepared.

Film adoption. Take your favorite movie or movie that has special memory for both of you, perhaps the first movie you watch together. You can rent costume like the character in the movie. About the pose, you can learn it from the movie poster or you can watch it once again, while remember that beautiful moment. Sometimes you need to flash back.

Before you decide a theme for photo, make a deal first about the concept, is it indoor or outdoor. Well, generally outdoor photo is more interesting than indoor photo. Because outdoor photo provide many room space, free, relax, natural and the focus of the photo is not just you, but there are some background behind you. Of course, it spends more money.

Also don’t forget that pre wedding photo will be displayed at the wedding day. That’s why you should match the decoration with the photo so it wouldn’t be cross over with the theme. If you have problem posed on the camera and you don’t often take photo for yourself, you can choose natural theme. Remember great pre wedding photo is not determined by the background, the style or the pose, but the harmonic interaction between you.

If you and your spouse don’t feel photogenic and hard to pose, don’t worry, just be your self. Act like there’s no camera in front of you, only you and spouse, no other. You can communicate and crack jokes each other like usual. Show your love through your close observation and small touch. Remember all beautiful and colorful memories at the early state of relationship.

Whatever theme you choose, it should be match with both of your personality. This is your wedding, so you’re the king and the queen, at least for the one big day. All attention and eyes will be on you, so free your mind and make pre wedding photo that reflect your and spouse personality.

21 April 2009

Which Ring You Want To Choose?

Ring is a symbol of love-bind for all the time and it is obtain universal. Rings become early sign of a serious relation and explain the status of the owner. Ring on your left ring finger said “Hey leave me alone, I’m with somebody.”

Wedding ring has been going thousands years ago. Well, there is no exact data since when the ring was used for a wedding. But, some literature said, in ancient Roman there are lots of spouse wearing simple iron plate as a symbol of banded love. They believe that circle ring as a symbol of eternal love. Then for the next centuries, this tradition was adopted in western world. Ring was believe as symbol of love and reliance of a man and a woman. Sometimes, the ring given before the wedding, this ring was known as engagement ring and if the ring given on the wedding day, this ring called wedding ring.

The Symbol of Ring
Long with the progress, ring’s shape and design evolve. Long time ago, when the ancient Roman civilization still existed, the shape of the ring was like a key, made from brass, bronze, or iron. This ring was used as a symbol for wife to entering the husband’s house and she can use all his treasure.

At 15s century, gemstone was start to raise up their popularity to improvise gold wedding ring. Each gemstone has different symbol and meanings. Ruby is symbol of noble love. Emerald is Hope and expectation. Diamond is the strongest stone, symbol of eternity. In this era, the diamond that used on the ring was organized as pyramid.

Diamond Ring as Symbol of Eternity
Diamond rings start to be popular as engagement ring in 18s century at Europe. There are some reason diamonds become favorites at that time. The beauty of light that exuded and the strength is more than other stone. Noble women usually wear big diamond for their pendant, tiara, necklace, and bracelet. But, for the ring, they use small or soft diamonds. She is Queen Charlotte, wife of king George III from England was known as the first woman who use diamonds ring for her wedding. Since then, she known as Queen of Diamond.

Charles Lewis Tiffany, a designer, he design gold ring with diamonds on the center of the ring which spout a very bright and beautiful light. His design make the owner more insist for their glory.

Now day, wedding ring is available in many model and material. But, the most wedding ring used is gold and platinum. This gold, has many different colors, yellow, pink and white (almost similar with platinum). The usual carat for gold is 18c. The 24c gold is not good enough for wedding ring, because of the characteristic, which is too soft, and easily change form in daily activity.

Other option is white-silver platinum with classic style. Just like gold, the value of this ring was determined by the mixture of gold with other metal such as iridium and ruthenium. The cost of platinum ring is relative more expensive than gold.

Weeding ring model usually more simple. Many spouses choose plain model for daily activity or add a gem to make it more precious.

Here are some guideline when you want to but wedding ring :

1. How Much Is Your Budget?
The cost of wedding ring usually determined by its material used, the gold carrat, the weight for the gold and some other additional accessories such as diamonds or gemstone. For certificated wedding ring the price usually more expensive than the ordinary ring. If your budget is limited, you can solve it by choose simple model and light weight. You can save more by looking the cheaper making cost.

2. The Ring’s Model
Model of the ring usually became the main factor when you want to buy ring. You can choose directly at the gold store or you can find model in internet or magazine and then you make some special order.
In order to choose the model, you should remember that you’re going to wear the ring for the rest of your life. So better if you consider the shape, Does it will disturb your daily activity? Does the design will be last longer?

3. The Ring’s Material
It’s not only related with your budget, but also your health aspect. Do you have allergy with certain material? In some case, man’s sweat has reaction with some material differently.

4. The Ring’s Size
Don’t ever buy ring without try it first. You have to feel comfortable and fit on your finger. Don’t be to narrow, loose or the color doesn’t match with your skin. Wearing wedding ring on the ring finger of the left hand is an old tradition, but there’s no standard rule for that. They say this tradition was come from ancient Roman which said that ring finger of the left hand was connected to amoris pulse on the hearth. Actually, the reason is simple. You more often use your right hand than the left hand for daily activities, so the ring will save.

19 April 2009

Romantic Garden Party For My Wedding Party

You want to celebrate the biggest day in your life differently than others or you want some unique party? Garden party can be precise choice. The fresh outdoor atmosphere will make a new impress. Check these steps to prepare garden party.
Garden party can be one alternative for the theme of the party. This will represent extend of warm welcome and make the nuance more friendly and fun.
  1. Check the neat of the garden. If necessary, call professional gardener to make your garden lovely and pretty to watch.
  2. It is important to decide the dish menu. Match it with your garden atmosphere. Barbeque party can be good idea.
  3. Don’t forget to prepare special umbrellas on the garden. They are very useful to protect you and all the guests from the blazing sunlight, if the party held on afternoon.
  4. While if the garden party held on night, decoration such as garden lamp, colorful lantern and garden torch will be more beautified and hazying the garden.
  5. To make the party more fun and cheerful, perform acoustic music and add some speakers on the garden area. With this one, you can press your budget.
  6. Don’t forget to remind your guess (on the invitation card) about the right dress code which is match with your garden party.
  7. Weather is the number one factor. Of course, it’s a big risk to held party in rainy season.

17 April 2009

Style Your Hair

Complete your perfect look by choosing the right Hair style. Hair bun can be made from your own hair or hair piece. The perfect hair style will make your performance more stylish and modern when the big day come.

But, the other most important thing is match the hair bun model with the shape of your face. Recognize your face first before styling your hair to make you more confidence.

Round and square face. Better if you choose corrective hair bun to make it proportional with your face. To make your face balance, add more volume on the head by bouffant your hair more on that area.

If you have thin hair, comb and arrange your hair with free aerosol hair spray or wet hair spray to make the hair bun look natural and get light impress.

Other way is make Bali Style hair bun. Arrange the hair bun so it looks fall down or right behind the neck. This style will make your face look oval.

If you want to have simple and light hair bun you can use classic strike chignon. It use to eliminate heavy impression and full face. You also can add silver hairpin or jewelry to make it more modern.

For you who have oval face, you can choose many other hair bun styles. You can make adorable hair bun with neat detail or you can make it wretched. Avoid high hair bun because this will make your face more long. For the front hair, you can choose bangs style, bangs hair bun which is close half of the forehead.

To make the hair style more stylish and modern, you can paint your hair or highlight it. This will make your hair more detail, even it simple but still look gorgeous.

Now you pretty...

16 April 2009

Be Pretty In The Wedding Day

All brides want to be look pretty in her big happy day. But, be pretty is not only for the make up and glamour dress, your body has to be pretty too.

That’s why, you have to do some treatments start from the hair until the end of the foot. Check this few treatment steps, you may follow when the big day come, so you’ll look great and charm.

The first body treatment is meditation. Meditation use to train and exercising your respiration and relaxation. The second one is body polish, to remove dead cells. You can use smoothed papaya as a scrub for this treatment. You also can do body treatment with milk bath. This treatment used to softening and smoothing your skin.

Next treatment is women reproduction organ. This treatment utilizes some roots concoction called empon-empon. Usually empon-empon placed in a bin filled with boiled water and then placed under voidable chair. After that, you sit on that chair and you wrapped with towel so that the empon-empon air doesn’t spread out. This treatment used to clean women reproduction organ, help to solve Fluor Albus problems and help to cope with excessive liquid or secret in the women reproduction organ.

Other treatment is ratus. Ratus treatment usually utilize natural concoction like roots and fragrant wood such as gaharu wood, sandalwood, orange peel and mixture of flowers concentrate such as rose, jasmine and ylangylang.

The benefit of ratus is to prevent the yeast growth cause fluor albus, kill yeast spore at the skin head, kill bacteria cause bad smell and the ratus warm smoke can smooth the blood stream to the head.

You also can’t miss face treatment. You can try facial oxygen, oxygen can stimulate new cells growth, regenerate skin so your skin look younger and bright. Facial oxygen also help to solve skin face problems such as acne and hyper pigmentation.

The last treatment is hair treatment. On your wedding day, your hair should be in healthy condition so your hair style can be fix optimally. To make your hair healthy much longer, follow the intensive treatment, you can do it in your favorite salon or you can do it your self.

15 April 2009

Null To Married Is Not The End of The World

It must be hurt if the wedding which you already prepared well have to be null suddenly without clear explanation. But, remember that’s not the end of the world if that happen to you. There are so many ways to cure it.

1. Cry and cry and cry, Just Cry...
It’s ok to express what you feel by crying. One day or one week is enough to do that. Don’t be too drawn out with you sadness, your face will be look awful and massy. Even you heath hurt, but still, performance is number one. ^^v

2. Be and Think Positive.
It means, with this separation, It‘s not your destiny to be with him or her. This could be a warning that your spouse is not the one for you. He or she could make you disappointed and heartsick in the future.

3. You Can Save More Money Than Before.
You can start to save money again and make wedding planning that more elegant and glamour than you planned before. Or may be you can buy a car and a house from your saving.

4. Get Enough Rest
Sleep is the most effective medicine to decline stress. Whether you have to be peevish and throw away your energy, better you get sleep. Sometimes, your emotion can make other people involved and could be getting worse situation.

5. Exercise
Exercise is much much better than punishing your self. Make exercise as medium to drain your emotion. Try on your favorite exercise or you can try the extreme one if you dare.

6. Think and See from the Other Side
If your name break up your relationship, it means he’s not lucky to have you. You can take this moment to introspection yourself.

7. Watch Movie in Theatre
Ask your friends to company you. But don’t choose drama movie which will make you cry and remembering your bad memory. Try to choose comedy or action movie so it‘ll give you some entertainment.

8. Make Some Times For a While to Travelling
You can go to places you never go before. There are so many exotic place you can visit in this nation to cure you heartbreak. Invite your best friends so you’ll never feel alone.

9. Chocolate and Strawberry Ice Cream
Enjoying your favorite ice cream can far you away from feeling of disappointed or you can try other delicious food. Forget your diet program for couple days but don’t be to over.

10. Be Friendly With Your Heartbreak And Disappointed Feeling
It’s not a problem to make your heartbreak as a partner to fix and improve your love story in the future.

11. Find the New One? Oh, That’s Great Baby!
You can find new guy out there, but don’t be rush make decision to ask married. May it’s one of your emotion. Think wise and slowly, does she or he can accept you whatever you are, and you too baby.

Gemstone For The Engagement Rings?! Priceless And Luxurious...

Do you watch Rose wearing blue sapphire necklace on the movie, Titanic? Well isn’t amazing? I mean the blue sapphire not the naked Rose. ^^v People love gemstone rings because of the creative designs and luminous colors.

Blue sapphire engagement rings is even more than a diamond and more preferred by royalty. This is a nice factoid to share with your queen as you slip a blue sapphire engagement ring on her ring finger.

Rubies is as almost as hard as diamonds too. It belong to the corundum family. Most rubies are heat-treated to improve their color, but stones in their natural form do exist. You can also save some dough by purchasing synthetic versus natural rubies.

There are a thousand legends and stories related to the opal gemstone. The Romans thought that wearing opals made one more lucid in thought and spontaneous in action. Some still feel that it is bad luck to purchase an opal for oneself, but good luck if someone else gives one to you.

Throughout history there have been negative connotations associated with opals. With their rainbow hues, I just think opals are some of the prettiest stones around. The rainbow shades are oftened referred to as a “play of color.” Opals are a noncrystalline form of the mineral silica which are formed from amorphous “balls” or “lumps” of silica. As the water evaporates, the silica particles cement together to form the opal. The color is caused by the diffraction of light. One of the major downfalls of opal engagement rings compared to diamonds is that opals are a much softer stone. Opals exhibit an impressive color range. They can be white, pink, green and blue, gray, or black.

While gemstone rings are stunning, the historic legends and beliefs about them make them more than precious.

The god of wine, also known as Bacchus, is credited in history with the creation of amethyst stones. Legend says during a fit of anger, Bacchus sent tigers to kill the fair maiden, Amethyst. A woman named Diana saved Amethyst by turning her into quartz. Other ancient civilizations used amethysts to protect their crops.

The Romans used emeralds in their religious practices and believed emeralds symbolized the goddess of love and beauty, Venus.

Ancient Egyptians thought opals lured Marc Antony to Cleopatra while ancient Greek societies believed opals brought about hope, foresight, and purity.

Amethysts, emeralds, and opals can represent a number of high points in life today. Opals are popular in gemstone rings because of their exquisiteness. They represent the thirteenth wedding anniversary and October birthdays.