03 March 2009

Some myth said that as bride candidate, you’ll look shining. But then, with little make up you’ll be look jittery. You may think... Does my lipstick faded after the kiss and eat the wedding cake or does my make up perfect? For that, there are several things about make up we should understand to make a perfect make up.

How to make up your eyes on wedding day? Avoid make-up which to trendy like bright color, coz this will bring you old face image on the wedding photo. Try to apply lucent eye-shadow like champagne, bright lavender or pink. Add eye liner on the eyelash with brownish-black color for bright skin or black eye liner for dark skin. Don’t forget to warp your eyelash to give long impression. Then, add two layers black waterproof mascara.

Is there any idea to remove the black circle eye with concealer? The key to get maximal result to cover the black circle eye naturally is by apply concealer as little as you can. Spread with brush start from the most black area, near the tearduct to outside. Then, wrap with finger or latex sponge to make it absorb to the eye skin. Then add foundation and beauty powder as cover.

While for lipstick color, to make it still fresh and bright, use lip stain with brush-lip. Some lip stain contains alcohol to make it stick longer on lip but also caused your lip dry. To prevent your lip dry, don’t forget to use lip gloss which can be wipe anytime.

If you prefer lipstick, then you have to make lip line and color your lip with lip liner. Then apply lipstick with brush or make-up paper. Add translucent beauty powder and then apply lipstick once again. The brush you use will push the lipstick into you lip to make natural and durable appearance.

For the face, you can apply beauty powder so that you’ll not look oily. Choose loose or pressed powder with invisible micro powder, your will not look pale and bright white.

So, you don’t have to be jittery anymore especially about your make up on your big day. Be confidence….you’re lovely


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