07 March 2009

After plan all of the wedding party, such as wedding dress, location, guess lists, don’t miss other important thing, the wedding photography. Of course, you’re gona choose the best for you right?coz you’ll bring the memory for entire of your life. You not even realize that there are 10 things make your wedding photo scramble. Learn this trick:

1. Choose Photographer not meticulously
Before decide who is the lucky photographer, use your time not only look around but see their portfolio too. If you choose amateur photographer to press the budget, be ready for all of the risk. If the vendor photo you’re looking for done not begin to give you power to choose photographer, get out from there and go get find the other.

2. Have no chance to discuss
You definitely know, everything that planned well, will have a better result. So, try to make appointment to discuss about your wedding photo with your photographer. Told everything you want, don’t ever doubt. A week before the big day, remind him about the plan before. If you have more specific request, more ideas maybe, just say it. You don't want any unwelcome surprises right?

3. No "wish list" Photo
Have you ever have a dream take romantic pictures up on the hill, in the middle of the farm or even in the hurly-burly city? Give him examples, show those pictures in the magazine or other visual picture to express what you want to the photographer. Well, after you say what you wish, of course photographer will granting your wish.

4. Only perpetuate special pose or special moment
Every wedding photo album has photos with formal pose. But, you don’t have to stop and treat the same as the other photo. Have your own photos, when you dancing, chic-chac with the guess, or just face and see him in that party. Calm and relax moments have it own meaning.

5. Ill timed
Sun shining so shine, the blue sky amaze your eyes. You may think this is the right time to take a picture. Mmm, think once again. The shining sun so bright will make a shadow on the face, make very bad photos. Be patient until the early evening sun show up.

6. Sweating and oily face in photo
Everyone knows, stand for a long time wearing wedding dress will raise up the temperature of the body. But, don’t let your face oily and sweating (especially at the armpit area), this will crush your perfect performance. Always prepare the magic aid, such as beauty powder, deodorant, and tissue to save your performance.

7. Many plan, little time
Need more time to take a picture of the whole family. Give your photographer enough time to take picture of the family. Start from the children and geriatric. Next is, take picture with family and friends. The last one is, take time for you and the lovely husband to take a picture. You can do it while all the guess busy with the dish. After all, it is your day!

8. Wrong position, wrong pose
After take several photos, your guess or even your self start to be “dead style”. At this crucial moments, it’s very important for photographer to keep the atmosphere life. You and your guess should stay focus photogenic, and more than anything, comfortable.

9. Loss the special moment
There are several procession in wedding party such as the bride first kiss, bride and her father, wedding cake cutting, and the bouquet throw. But, often other special moments, small but very heartwarming were forgotten, such as the girl flower slyly smile, best friend happy tear, or your lover’s glance out of the corner of the eyes.

10. Stop take picture at the right moment
Many bride and bridegroom decide that 9 pm is the right time to end the party, so does the photography activity. Well, try to be different, in fact, at that moment, around 9 pm, special moment come contrary to all expectation.

So, with less guess come, you’ll have more time to take. Keep shooting, guys...!


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