04 March 2009

Symbol of eternal love and university is ring. When you wear a ring, it means early sign of a relationship and describes your status. Ring that circling on the left ring finger means 'Someone was have me'.

Wedding ring was believed as symbol of love and trusty between a man and a woman since thousands years ago. Ring not only circling at wedding but also when a man purpose his beloved woman to become his wife.
The shape and design of the wedding ring has already evolve. In ancient roman era, ring made from brass, bronze or iron. This ring was a symbol for woman to enter husband's house and she can use all of his treasure, sometimes this ring was used to open jewelry box.

By degrees, those gems were used to decorate gold wedding ring. These gems were present certain symbols in society. Ruby was one of noble love symbol. Emerald implied hope while diamond as the strongest gem was used as symbol of eternity. In 15 century, diamond was used on ring with pyramid shape. Then, diamond ring getting more popular in 18 century for its beauty and strength, especially for wedding ring. So, when bride wear it, the beauty will be emitted brightly on her ring finger.

Now, many wedding rings available with so many models and materials, but mostly the wedding ring raw material was made from gold or platinum. This gold was turn up in many colors such as yellow, or white as platinum. Usually, the carat used for gold is 18 carat.

If you want to buy pure gold (24 carat), better don't use it as wedding ring because of its characteristic; too soft and easy to reform in daily activity. Other alternative you can choose is platinum; white shining silver bright and very classic. Just like gold, the value of this platinum ring was determined by the mixture of other metal such as iridium and ruthenium. Platinum ring is relative more expensive than gold.

Usually Wedding ring design is very simple, and many couple chose plain ring coz it's very practical to use in daily life. But if you want to be seems more special, then you can add gem on it.

So, whatever wedding ring you choose, always try to fit with your budget. Have a hunting.


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