13 March 2009

Walking side by side, arm in arm, same shirt, white shirt and jeans, pointing hand to the sky with the gazed eyes through the sky. Oh, Come on! Is that it? That was ancient style darling...

Those styles reflect urban people with pop style. Trend for this year is urban style, with perfunctory man, just the way you are, daily life and daily activities.

Try to style 60’s pop with worn out color and Jackie-O glasses plus big coloring beads necklace. Or you can adopt the 80’s pop style with the softball hat, high collar shirt or bonding shirt like the Club Eighties. This is for you who love the vintage style. With the green atmosphere, both of you sit down with threadbare cars as the background. The contrast color reminds you with the pass pictures but still have the millennium touch. The custom is “so me”, only blouse and jeans or mini skirt.

Not many couple styled like above for pre-wedding photo so there are lots of other styles you can explore. Mix and Match your dress and accessories during the photo session. Choose simple dress with flowers motive or 70’s plaid tight shirt. Go to the coffee shop then talk each other while the photographer catches your expression from far away.

You can browse photo collection in the website. Collect movies poster or CD cover which you like then imagine that you and him on that poster, such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, sexy and charming right? So, have a nice pre-wedding.


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