14 March 2009

Wedding party is a big event which suck a lot of attention. So, you need to prepare for the wedding party which usually takes about 8-12 months before the big day if all done by yourself. But if you don’t have much time, you can ask for help to the wedding planner. For that matter, what you need to do for the wedding party?

Determine the wedding day. Although all day is a good day, there is nothing wrong if you choose your favorite date and favorite month as your big day coz this will ease you to remember and to celebrate it in the future.

Determine the invitation and budget. Before determine the wedding budget, you should determine how many invitations you’ll be share to the guess because this can be as right standards and directive to determine how much budget and how big is the place for the party.

Spend 40% of the total budget for catering. The rest 60% you can use it for other 6 main components such as building, MC, documentation, decoration, bridal attire (wedding dress and make up) invitation card and souvenir.

Determine the location and the building for party. It’s time to determine where and what location you want to use. If you have already decide the building but the capacity is not too big, divided the invitation into two different time, for example 7 pm – 8 pm for the oldste and 8 pm – 9 pm for friends and you.

Determine the wedding style and the wedding theme. Determine the wedding theme so you can choose the wedding dress, wedding coat and the wedding make up. Match the wedding dress color with the decoration. This color usually also determine the dish, souvenir and invitation card.

Do some body treatments. If all those steps above done, don’t forget to do some treatments for yourself, such as spa, bath rempah, face treatment and go to the gym to make you fit on the big day. Ask your man to go with you, so both of you will be look so fit.


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