20 March 2009

Want to have urban pop culture pre-wedding photos? Check this few steps….

Don’t be afraid to experiment. When you decide to have urban pop culture pre-wedding photo, you should gather to a head, don’t hear those people said. The important thing is you and him can feel and enjoy the session. You don’t have to be 100% you. You can be your favorite artist, super hero or other character in story. But don’t push too hard if you not feel good about it. Remember feel the chemistry...

Style with your daily lifestyle, wear old faded sneakers and jeans. That was so urban culture. And for the ladies, wear beads, and some necklaces or some bracelets. You can wear other accessories such as old scarf tempo if you wan to.

Ask the photographer to take pictures with different angle, so the photo’s will be look unique and eccentric. Don’t rivet on the camera, just be relax. Do the wedding shoot at least 3 months before the big day. This will help you to avoid things that you don’t want to happen. Especially for the bride, after the shoot her skin will be look so dull and black. Her condition will be exhausted. With spare time available, you body can recover quickly.

Many spouses get stress and busy manage their wedding, so when the photographer take your pictures, your face looks tired, no fresh at all. So, just do your things and the photographer will ready to captured every moments.


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