23 March 2009

After you determine the date for your wedding, go search and find which place you like for the wedding party. Now days, many married couple go find the place first then decide the date. There are several things you should now when you hunt the building, check this out…

Pick the place which location is easy to reach for family and most of the guest. You can search in internet. Now, there’re many blogs and website which put location, address, pictures and contact person. Go call them directly, don’t contact them by email, usually the respond is too long (that was my experience). Call and ask them about the price, is it still available for the date you choose.

Determine the budget for the building, suit it with the location or the venue wedding. After you search in internet or friends recommended for you, you should visit the place. Do you like it? Is it enough for you? Is it romantic? The building also determines your wedding concept, the design and of course, how much invitation you’ll spread.

Watch it, does the building management ask you to must use their vendor partner, such as catering, photography , invitation card, entertainment and others. Usually, the building management will charge you higher if you not use their vendor. Of course, you should choose which vendor gives the best quality. If you or family has decides your own vendor and not one of the management’s vendor, better if you prepare more budget.

After you had a deal with the management of the building, you should pay for the earnest payment to. Book the date for your wedding at least 3 - 5 months before the wedding. And 2-3 weeks before the big day, you should paid off all the charge. Check your name 2 weeks before, just to make sure there’s no mistake for the wedding ceremony.

If it’s possible, ask them to hold a technical meeting in that place. This meeting is very useful to know all the party detail and the event’s compilation, decoration set up, table for catering, and etc. Ask all vendors who will involve in this event, delegation from photography, wedding catering, Wedding Organizer and entertainment, party decor/reception decoration and the building management. Good luck.


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